How Will Advanced Vehicle Technology Affect Human Workers and Fleet Rentals

fleet technology

When you’re operating a vehicle, you’re in control of a sophisticated piece of equipment that travels as fast as you make it and goes wherever you direct it; when it comes to driving, you are in control, not your vehicle. From pickup rentals to diesel rental trucks, these vehicles and occupations that rely on them require drivers, many who drive for a living. However, what future do these professional drivers face as new technology is being introduced into future vehicle models?

Fleet rentals are the staple of the American workforce. These vehicles help construction companies move materials to jobs sites that will eventually become banks, hotels and apartment complexes. While they still require drivers, autonomous vehicles are closer to hitting the market, making the possibility of self-driving fleets a reality. How can truck rental companies adapt to this new technology?

Company Safety Can Improve

 With the introduction of autonomous fleets can come increased safety when it comes to employees. While no technology is perfect, autonomous vehicles will surely come packed with various safety features such as automated park assist, highway driving assistance and cruise control technology.

The driving assistance would be a perfect feature for fleets and commercial vehicles that are always on the freeway, allowing the vehicle to read and adapt to surrounding traffic conditions.

Not only can autonomous vehicles reduce the risks that come with distracted driving, but also those associated with drowsy driving. The average working adult often sacrifices countless hours of sleep, this technology can help keep these workers safe.

Companies Can Monitor Routes and Destinations

 While rental truck companies can already use telematics to track employee mileage and routes, autonomous vehicles may present the chance to be pre-routed before a job. This can ensure that the vehicles are used responsibly and arrive at the required destination on time.

Not only this, but the power of autonomous technology can cut construction times by saving the workers the time it would take to drive.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to this new technology, a fleet rental company can use this to their advantage by renting out smart vehicles to their clients in the future, leading to efficient and safe travels.