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No long-term commitments

At Flex Fleet Canada, we understand your vehicle requirements may change to meet your project needs. Flexibility is a core value of our company, and we take pride in working with our customers to provide flexible solutions for their vehicle rentals - what's why we have ``Flex`` in our company name!

Nationwide delivery

No matter where you are in the contiguous Canadian Provinces, we'll deliver vehicles directly to your job site. Whether it's a single truck or an entire fleet, we can meet your vehicle rental needs and pick up when the job is done.

No purchase obligation

When renting a Flex Fleet Canada vehicle, there are no purchase obligations whatsoever included in your rental. When you're done with your vehicle(s), simply contact our team to schedule pick-up from your work site, and your rental period is complete!

Scalable options

Our customers often have varying fleet rental requirements, and we take pride in meeting our customers and helping them grow and scale their fleet as their needs increase. Our vehicle rental solutions are fully-scalable, giving you the confidence to have the right fleet for you job - no matter the size.

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