What is a fleet?

Aside from employees, one of a company’s most valuable (and most expensive) assets is its fleet of vehicles. This consists of all the trucks and vehicles needed to meet all the transportation needs of a business, whether it’s the transport of people or materials/products. However, as important as it is for a business to have a fleet of vehicles, it’s not always possible for businesses to buy the fleet of vehicles they need.

A fleet of vehicles can be anything from 2 vehicles to 75 vehicles, but to acquire even two work trucks can cost more than the upfront capital needed to get a business off the ground. That reason alone is why so many businesses turn to fleet rental companies, and here at Flex Fleet Canada, we’ll not only have the vehicles you need with a massive inventory to select from but your business will get to enjoy the many benefits of renting our work trucks and vehicles.

Here are some of the benefits of renting with Flex Fleet Canada:

  • Cost Management: Depending on the type of business you’re in and the type of vehicles you need, your expenses are going to be quite high. Everything from vehicle acquisition and fuel to drivers and maintenance, the costs associated with establishing your own fleet of vehicles are going to far outweigh what it would cost to rent your fleet of vehicles with us.
  • Reliable and Safe Vehicles: By renting your fleet of vehicles and trucks, you can feel assured in knowing that you’re getting a much safer and reliable vehicle, as we’re continuously getting regular maintenance done, which in turn, reduces the risk of accidents or breaking down while in route. On top of that, our vehicles are newer models that come equipped with advanced safety features a well, to keep your drivers safe whether on or off-road.
  • Safer Drivers: When drivers are behind the wheel of safer vehicles, it naturally improves their driving behaviors, reducing speeding incidents as well as preventable accidents.
  • Expansive Inventory: Our inventory of vehicles can meet your business needs whether you need two trucks or many more. Plus, we have different models and styles of vehicles as well that will meet your business needs regardless of industry.

The benefits listed above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many advantages of renting with us. From cost-effectiveness to productivity, let Flex Fleet Canada be your fleet rental resource today.