The Truth Behind Saving Money on Rentals

While a penny saved may be a penny earned, a penny saved on vehicle rental for your business may be what costs you in the long run. If you’re considering whether or not to purchase rental trucks you may be tempted to use some of the rental tips and tricks you can find online. The short answer to that idea is don’t, and here’s why.

Don’t Book a Prepaid Rental — False

When you’re renting a vehicle for vacation, you may find that prices vary depending on the day that your trip begins. Many people even use websites to find vehicles for a lower price. In that situation, you’d be smart to wait until the right time to rent.

However, when it comes to rental trucks for working, playing the waiting game can cost you in the long run. Your rental may take anywhere from five to 10 days to get to you. This can make a large dent on the progress you make at your job. If you are on a time crunch, rent responsibly.

There’s a Secret to Getting Free Upgrades — False

Of the many rumors on the internet, there are those that give you tips to getting a free upgrade. The suggestion is to rent a cheap car and pick it up during peak hours. The reasoning behind it is the fact that if it’s popular and busy there’s a chance that they won’t have one for you, leaving them to upgrade your rental free of charge.

When it comes to rental trucks like ours, unfortunately this tactic will not work. The five to ten day delivery time figures in the time required to find the trucks you need to complete your job. What you rent is what you get.

Rent Longer to Save More — True

Logically renting a car for three days instead of a week should cost less money. However, in the land of vehicle rentals that’s where you’re wrong. Flex Fleet’s minimum rental time is one month. Economically, renting our trucks for three months instead will get you the most bang for your buck.

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