When it comes to transporting various items and materials, our flatbed truck rentals are a simple and easy solution to many transporting complexities. Whether your transporting construction beams or bags of dirt for environmental services, our flatbeds stand out offering spaciousness and various types of hauling capabilities.

Renting a flatbed truck with us has so many added benefits on top of our top-notch customer service and speedy rental process. Take a look at the top three benefits of renting our flatbeds



Flatbed trucks are very durable and can take on heavy loads that standard trucks can’t handle. Because of its sturdiness and durability, you’ll be able to transport any hard-to-move items. Things like construction equipment, farming equipment, and even military machinery are things that a flatbed truck can haul with ease… just imagine how heavy those pieces of equipment are!


Because flatbeds are easier to load and have more loading space, you’ll be able to move more with fewer trips. This will save you tons of time regardless of what you’re moving. This is especially helpful when you’re having to transport items from a location that’s a good distance away from the job site location.


One thing that stands out about flatbed trucks is the open spacing. You have the ability to load items and materials from any side (because there are no walls to go around), making it easier to load oddly shaped equipment and materials. Because there aren’t any walls built on flatbeds to keep your items and materials intact, you’ll want to make sure you secure your items down with high-tension straps to prevent road hazards.


When you want to manage your fleet with rental vehicles, Flex Fleet Canada is the answer. We offer well equipped, 4×4 crew cab flatbeds for the same price as a stripped-down vehicle from other vendors.

We guarantee newer, higher quality and better-equipped vehicles, better on-time delivery, more competitive pricing and the least amount of paperwork.

With Flex Fleet Canada, you can get any quantity of light duty truck in our fleet for any period of time.

Not sure what you need? We’ll fit you with the right model, size and even color for your project. Our trucks also include:

  • Full towing packages
  • Backup camera options
  • Power convenience packages
  • Power windows
  • Power locks
  • Cruise control
  • Bluetooth hands-free sync with phones and music

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