1 Ton Flatbed

The 1 ton flatbed is easily the most versatile vehicle in our fleet. It’s built for versatility with a gooseneck hitch and reinforced rear bumper hitch assembly, maximum torque and superb fuel economy. This truck is great for many industries, including government and construction.

One benefit of renting from us, is that our trucks can be delivered to your location, if in the continental US, in as little as 5-10 business days depending on your specifications. We’re able to provide this convenience to our customers because we have fleet stations all over the US which allows us to provide speedy deliveries. We gladly deliver to remote locations as well. Please contact us for any special requests. When you are finished with our trucks, we also offer hassle-free pickups.

Flex Fleet understands that for many projects you will have to go off-road. Unlike many rental companies, our trucks are approved for off-road use handling rugged terrain as well as many different weather conditions. Off-Road drivability is one of the safety features that appeal to our customers.

Our flatbeds are supposed to help you get the job done, not hinder you. Whether your business is with distribution or construction, our 1 ton flatbed truck rental has the versatility to service a wide variety of different industries. Just think of our flatbed as a blank canvas for the different accessories you need on the job site. For example, our flatbed can house different equipment and tools like:

  • Hose Reels
  • Toolboxes
  • Inverters

We allow our customers to add removable logos of their business to our rentals. This allows our customers to maintain their brand while completing their project. Flex Fleet also offers many options for the trucks like XM radio, GPS tracking, and customized mileage allowance. Our team would be happy to assist you in finding the best option to fit your needs based on project requirements and your comfort.

Our trucks are delivered ready for the job. They will have appropriate license plates for the delivery location, which is another added convenience we provide to our customers. This is something we find out during the initial rental agreement process. We like to find out the exact needs of the customer to provide them with the best truck for their project. Our selection of flatbed trucks is sure to get the job done right.

397 – 440


18,000 / 21,000 LBS

Towing Capacity
Hitch / Gooseneck


Off Road


Auto Transmission