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In the world of environmental services, it can involve a myriad of different areas ranging from construction to waste removal. Whichever sector your career is in, as an environmental consultant, you play a major role in the ins and outs of today’s’ society.

As an environmental consultant, you have the noble responsibility of providing assessments and advisory services to businesses on how to contain environmental issues. Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluating environmental policies
  • Evaluating management processes
  • Measuring environmental contamination

The many facets of environmental services

Your services are needed everywhere… it’s what helps our world stay clean. Maybe an environmental service company is a small waste removal company. It’s common to see these types of companies working in apartment complexes or townhomes that offer valet trash services. With this area, waste removal workers will use pickup trucks as the transportation source to remove the trash. We are here to provide the environmental industry truck rentals that will get the job done and at a reasonable price compared to buying a truck.

Although the above example sounds more like a long-term commitment where buying might seem more reasonable, it actually isn’t. Businesses change so much and their financial responsibilities and situations can change at the drop of a hat. It’s better to rent with us for extended periods of time due to the fact that you never know what could happen.

Businesses see it all the time. One moment they’re successful and the next, they’ve gone belly-under. With that, you don’t want to be stuck with a truck that you’ve bought and may not need to use anymore. Not only is renting a truck with us for your environmental service position a smart move but it’s also a safer move, financially. The longer you rent with us, the more benefits you’ll see over time.

Our fleet of vehicles will not only get your team from location to location but we’ll also get you there safely and stick with you until your project is fully completed.

We know the environment

Every significant project — from energy to construction — involves some form of environmental consulting. As consultants keep an eye on the environment, they need eco-friendly and effective vehicles. Flex Fleet Canada gets environmental consultants wherever they need to go.

Partnering with Flex Fleet Canada means you can:

  • Eliminate high initial costs and payments
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork
  • Replace unused inventory with flexible and efficient transportation options
  • Rest easy knowing you can increase or reduce your fleet at any time