For every job or position in a particular industry, there are essential tools, training, or equipment necessary for an individual to do their jobs successfully, right? The same can be said for the transport industry as it plays a significant role in economic growth across several very different industries. From the hauling of raw/manufactured goods and materials to the transport of people, having the right vehicle for the right job is imperative to the world’s economic expansion.

The buildings and structures we have today would not have been built, of course, without the training, knowledge, and skill sets of talented workers, but we also can’t forget that the transport of the necessary materials needed to build those structures plays a significant role as well.

Now, for every industry that requires a specific type of truck or vehicle to reach success, it will always cost money on the front end. And for businesses just starting out, that upfront capital needed for vehicle acquisition isn’t always there. 

The price of one half-ton pickup truck can run anywhere from $27,000 and up; take that and multiply it with the number of trucks needed to build a fleet of trucks to get your business off the ground, and the capital you’ll need for vehicle acquisition is going to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that’s not even including the additional costs of maintenance, insurance, and fuel to retain these vehicles.

That type of money isn’t realistic for many businesses across multiple industries, but that doesn’t mean that the business can’t reach real success. True enough, there’s the option of acquiring your vehicles through credit cards or loans, but the only problem with that is what if your personal or business credit isn’t up to par enough to get approved for such a massive line of credit? What do you do then?

The good news is that your business can still reach success and achieve vehicle acquisition; there’s no need to “throw in the towel all because you don’t have the upfront capital to get the vehicle you need for your business. At Flex Fleet Canada, not only can we can provide your business with every truck rental you need but we can provide you with these vehicles only when you need them, therefore, eliminating the need to buy your own fleet of vehicles.


We go beyond simply offering versatile trucks. We also provide value added optional services like GPS tracking and XM radio. You can count on Flex Fleet Canada to deliver:

  • Vehicles approved for off-road use
  • Tow packages on all trucks
  • Custom mileage allowance
  • Large orders (More than 50 vehicles? No problem.)
  • Hassle-free vehicle delivery and return
  • No acquisition requirements
  • No residual obligation
  • 48 state license plate compliance
  • Local sales tax remittance
  • One rental agreement per company, which means less paperwork for you
  • A single point of contact for nationwide service

Why buy when you can rent with us hassle-free and for no upfront capital?

From big jobs to small jobs, we have exactly what you need.

We have pickup trucks to handle light to medium-duty projects and we have flatbed trucks to assist you with heavy-duty projects that require more performance power.