Top Driving Apps for Every Driver

driving apps

Many people don’t know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle, nor are they comfortable changing a tire, but there is more to know about a car than those things. While those are necessary skills drivers should know , there is more to it. The age of technology has introduced us to innovations which allow us to make the most of our experience on the road.

We are going to take a look at some of the top apps (except for Google Maps) that help make driving a better experience for the modern day driver.


If you will travel to and from work, you are likely to write off all the expenses for tax and business reasons. It is a wonderful way to help you save a significant amount of money every year. MileIQ is a simple and straightforward app which tracks and records the mileage in the background while you drive your car.

Based on all of the data that the driving app will record for you, you can easily make all the proper calculations for your travel expenses and mileage. When the time comes to go and file tax deductions, you can save on a lot of money every year based on that information.

The app is free for both iOS and Android users.


When you are thinking about driving apps you can use to help with navigation, your mind will immediately go towards either Google Maps or Apple Maps. The thing is, if either of these two are the first thought that comes to your mind, you really are depriving yourself of a better navigation experience.

Waze is a driving app that provides you quite accurate reroutes when you are in the worst of traffic situations and it gives you an active response to provide the best possible routes based on real time traffic situations. Waze also alerts you of any accidents in the road ahead of you, any construction work going on or any other major issue so you can take a better route to your destination.

Available for free on both iOS and Android.


Ever wondered what it would be like to have an app that can help you make the best possible decisions for your next road trip right on your phone even while you are on the go? RoadTrippers has made that a reality.

RoadTrippers has a map, planner and travel guides which will help you easily make a short weekend drive plan or a proper cross-country road trip. You get to discover all the best local spots, scenic picnic locations, hotels and national parks along the way or even take suggestions from your friends right through the app itself.


Gas prices vary from gas station to gas station. GasBuddy is an incredibly convenient driving app which makes it possible for you and all the other people using the app in your area know where they can get the best possible rates for the gas. This is because you can find out the gas prices in the area that other people have shared and you can also share the gas prices where you are to help keep other people informed.

That is not all, of course. There is an option on the driving app which makes it possible for you to save 15 cents per gallon on the first fuel fill up and 5 cents per gallon in every fill up after that. This is an incentive you gain by joining Pay with GasBuddy.

The app is free on both iOS and Android with in-app purchases available.


While nobody will ever really want to admit it, it is quite common to park your car somewhere and forget about where you parked it. Now, some people have come up with an ingenious solution which allows them to mark the location of their car on the phone when they park it and then move along. The thing is, it can get very embarrassing if you have the app and you do not mark the marking spot on your phone.

If you install the Parkify driving app on your phone, it will use the sensors on your phone to detect when you have parked the car and tags the location once you get out of the car and start walking. This is all going to happen without you ever having to manually turn on the app and marking the location yourself. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

The app is free on both iOS and Android phones.

Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam

Dash cams are a convenient tool to have in your car while you are on the road. The only thing is that they can get a bit too expensive to be reasonable for use. At the same time, they can be a lot more useful than just recording some video while you’re on the road. They also have more functions.

Drivermatics Blackbox Dash Cam is an app which brings all the functions of a standard dash cam right to your smartphone. It uses the accelerometers and other sensors within the phone to detect the distance travelled, the travel time, your average speed and top speeds every month. This allows you to make very accurate comparisons from one month to the next.

Of course all of that information can come in pretty handy for insurance reasons as well. Oh, and this app of course helps you record video while you’re driving just like a dash cam should.


These are just a few of the apps which you can now find to help make your experience of driving around a lot better. Of course, it goes to say that you need to make sure you do not get distracted and shift your attention from the road while you’re using the driving apps.

Always keep an eye on the road and your phone hands-free while you’re driving the car. Have fun driving with these apps to help and stay safe!