Tips for Staying Focused While Driving

Distant work sites and many hours can make for a long day for pickup rental drivers. Here at Flex Fleet Canada, we want to ensure both your safety and happiness. Your concerns are our concerns. Your time is our time.

We ensure regular maintenance and upkeep of the latest models so that you can perform well and efficiently. So to help you enjoy your day on our time, consider these tips to stay focused while driving.

Eliminate Distractions

Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drowsy or drunk driving. According to AAA, distracted driving is responsible for around 8,000 accidents per day in the United States.  The United States Department of Transportation even says that distracted driving caused at least 5,500 deaths and nearly 450,000 injures.

Before you start driving your pickup rental you should eat, use the bathroom and send any texts you may need to. Try to not do anything while driving other than drive. This will greatly help you avoid accidents and arrive safely at your destination.

Use Caffeine Wisely

Too much caffeine can be bad for your health, but studies show that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day can help you stay focused on the road. Other methods of taking caffeine to stay alert include tea, soda, 5-hour energy drinks or a caffeine pill.

Break it Up

You shouldn’t rely on caffeine to keep you awake if you’re not getting regular amounts of sleep each night. You can break up a long drive by stopping every two hours to stretch and get some fresh air. You can even take short naps every few hours to re-energize your body and mind.

Driving can be monotonous and tiring after a long day of work. Decide now to take care of yourself as first priority and reaching your destination safely secondly. We’re here to help you however we can.

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