The Art of Turning

When you’re switching from a car to a large tuck, turning can be very different. Here are some tips to help make sure you stay safe and don’t look like a fool when turning in a large vehicle.

Turning Radius

Your large one ton truck rental is way different than your tiny sports car that you drive on a daily basis. The turning radius is drastically different. The car’s wheel has a much smaller turning radius with more dramatic effect on the direction change. While the truck, on the other hand, has a larger turning radius with less effect on the change of direction.

With the small car you can turn left by just slightly rotating the wheel. Whereas with a truck, you must rotate the wheel almost in a full circle to get the same effect.

Wide Turns

The sports car you normally drive can whip in and out of places like nothing. The one ton truck rental you will be driving is a new story. You must make very wide turns. This is to help eliminate the chance of curb hopping. That being said, stray away from making too wide of turns, so you don’t hit cars that are in the left turning lanes.

Imagine you are at a stop light preparing to turn right. With the pickup rental, you will need to turn your steering wheel slightly left when you start to accelerate. Then, turn right making an almost full rotation clockwise. Now, turn the steering wheel counterclockwise until you return to a centered position.

Check Your Mirrors

Just like backing up or parking, always check your mirrors. Large vehicles have many blind spots. When turning, you should double check your mirrors for cyclists. Bikers usually stay in the far right bike lane, unless they are making a left turn. Be safe and make sure you check for cyclists when making turns in either direction.

Wherever the road takes you, use caution when operating your large rental truck.