Safety Tips for Driving in the Heat

Summer is officially here, which means hundreds of drivers will be hitting the roads for road trips. While you might not think much of it, driving in the heat proves to be just as brutal as driving in the cold. Before hitting the road, consider how the extreme heat waves can affect your vehicle’s functions.

Not only can the heat turn your pickup rental into an over-sized oven, but if the temperatures get too extreme the battery in your vehicle can potentially fail; your engine can overheat; and you’ll be left stranded on the side of the road.

Before you rent a work truck for your next summer job or vacation, look over these tips to ensure a safe trip.


While Parked and Before You Head Out

The best way to look at your pickup truck rental is as if it were a room with wheels. It has windows and doors, and can easily trap heat if it is not well ventilated. Before heading out, make sure you turn the vehicle on and roll the windows down to let built up heat escape. If it’s still too hot after a couple of minutes, you can place towels on your seats to keep your passengers from burning themselves on dark upholstery.


While on the Road

The very first thing on your list for a hot summer morning should be to fill up on gas. Extreme temperatures can cause engine outages. Without proper preparation, you may find yourself stuck on the side of the road.

Once you’ve filled up and you’re ready to go, keep in mind that the rear seats and cargo areas of a vehicle get hotter than the front. If you have passengers riding with you, adjust the a/c vents to allow air to flow toward the back. In case of emergency, bring plenty of water and snacks for your longer trips.


When Parking

Once you’ve reached your destination, try to find shade to park under. If there is no shade available, it is always recommended to bring two sunshades — one for the front windshield and another for the rear. By keeping your windows cracked open about an inch, you can avoid built up heat.

Your pickup truck rental shouldn’t feel like a sauna. Following these tips will keep you and your passengers safe in the extreme summer heat.