On the Road, Don’t Take Safety For Granted

Driving to and from work sites can be dangerous. Even driving rental trucks on the worksite can cause injuries if workers don’t stay aware of truck activity. Renting trucks can feel safer because you’re getting newer trucks.

These trucks have safety technology to help you avoid accidents, and to reduce the risk of injury if an accident happens, but nothing can protect your workers more that good safety training when working with motorized vehicles.

Safety for Drivers

While driving in a new truck, drivers can feel confident and powerful. This is part of the nature of driving good quality rental trucks because they are heavy duty vehicles. However, this newfound sense of dominance doesn’t mean your drivers should ignore the safety tips they’ve known all their lives.

Buckling your seat belt, checking your blind spot, slowing down in work zones and other standard safety procedures are all things that need to be obeyed no matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving.

Make sure your drivers aren’t distracted while driving. While there is no way to completely remove all the distractions, you can train your drivers to be more aware of their surrounding while they drive. Make your drivers aware of the consequences of negligent driving.

Safety for Others

It’s important to keep aware of what is going on in your surroundings especially on the worksite. Some of these tips sound obvious, but for whatever reason people sometimes forget. Look both ways before crossing the road. Wear reflective gear when appropriate. Wear a hard hat.

Accidents happen, but a lot of accidents can be avoided. Rental trucks can make your project go faster, but don’t neglect the safety precautions to supplement your work.

The last thing you want on your worksite is one of your workers getting hurt in a rental truck accident — or any accident for that matter. You don’t have to take that risk. Implement extensive safety guides for your drivers and workers. Putting safety first is the only acceptable way to run your worksite.