Rent Trucks for Wind Power Construction

The wind power industry entails the design, manufacturing, construction, and maintenance of wind turbines in huge wind farms. These farms consist of numerous individual, well-spaced-out, huge wind turbines connected to an electric power transmission network.

These turbines use the natural wind or airflow that occurs in the earth’s atmosphere to create electricity. Modern wind turbines capture the kinetic energy generated from winds to create electricity. Today, over 60,000 wind turbines generate clean, reliable energy across the US, making wind power the third-largest source of electrical energy in the country.

However, at about 999 megawatts, the Traverse Wind Energy Center in Oklahoma is the biggest wind power project in the country by installed capacity. It’s followed by the Vineyard Wind I in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which is also the first offshore utility-scale wind farm in the country at 800 megawatts.

How Much Energy Do Wind Turbines Produce and How Does It Reach You

A typical modern wind turbine can start producing electricity when wind speeds reach 6-9 mph, also known as the cut-in speed. As the wind speed gradually increases, the electrical production of the turbines will increase with it.

However, if the wind speed reaches 55 mph, the turbines shut down automatically to prevent equipment damage. Despite that, these modern turbines produce significant amounts of energy more than 90% of the time annually.

These turbines are connected so that the electricity can travel from the farm to the power grid. From there, the power operators in the area will send the electricity to the places where it’s needed. The wind energy travels via small transmission lines, known as distribution lines, to the larger “network” transmission lines and then to smaller distribution lines that deliver the electricity to your home or business.

The Growth of the Wind Power Industry

In recent times, the US has shown continued interest in wind energy. In fact, wind energy provides about a quarter of the electricity produced in six US states, and the percentage keeps growing. Today, wind energy is America’s biggest source of renewable energy.

The wind power industry contributes to the economic growth of the company. It continues to create jobs for thousands of US individuals while reducing the carbon footprint of traditional power plants. It is also creating increasing investment interest, thanks to its environmental benefits, reliability, and declining costs.

The cost of wind power has declined significantly over the past decade, with technological advances and US-based manufacturing. It has made this industry quite competitive with other energy industries. It’s considered to be the cheapest source of energy in many countries.

Moreover, wind changes are often predictable and gradual, making them less costly to accommodate than sudden power outages in other power plants. Plus, when wind turbines are spread over a large area, their output becomes consistent and easier to accommodate. Modern wind plants also offer similar or better grid reliability than conventional power plants, which explains their popularity.

Rental Trucks for Wind Power Construction

Give the continued progress and ever-evolving nature of the wind industry, government entities and private companies across the world need truck rental companies to help facilitate the construction and maintenance of wind turbines. At Flex Fleet Canada, we provide truck rentals to wind industry contractors in different industry sectors.

After all, wind energy isn’t just used by big utility-scale facilities, but it’s also used at small-scale facilities. Residential areas, businesses, and even schools are using smack wind projects. At Flex Fleet, we have the truck rentals needed to fulfill the requirements of small, commercial, and large-scale wind projects effortlessly.

Why Would Wind Industry Contractors Need Truck Rentals?

Wind industry construction and maintenance contractors have essential and often time-sensitive responsibilities. For instance, a precision machinist has to use various drill presses to create the plastic and metal parts of wind turbines.  Then, the industry also needs computer-controlled machine tool operators to run the machines that give the turbines their shape and form. The industry also has assemblers, which use different tools to join smaller components to form bigger ones.

The manufacturing and transportation of the three significant parts of a wind turbine – its tower, blades, and nacelle – is a challenging process. However, with rental trucks, contractors can easily use the truck beds their towing capabilities to transfer the parts. They can also use the trucks to transport their crew from one job site to another.

Moreover, these wind turbines are typically located in rural areas or secluded locations, making it quite convenient to rent trucks for wind power construction. However, you need the vehicles you rent to be incredibly dependable. After all, you don’t want your crew and equipment to get stranded in the middle of nowhere just because you didn’t rent well-maintained vehicles.

It’s where Flex Fleet Canada enters the picture. All of our rental trucks are well-equipped to handle all sorts of road conditions and varied equipment weights.

Why Flex Fleet Canada?

If you’re wondering why you should choose us over any other rental truck company, you will be pleased to know that Flex Fleet Canada is a proud member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). It’s the national trade association for the country’s wind industry. Our membership is proof of the fact that we understand the value of your industry and our contribution to making your job easier for you.

When you work with us, you can replace your unused inventory with efficient, flexible transport options. You will also effectively eliminate the need for high down payments or initial costs. We also believe in reducing paperwork for our clients to make the renting process smooth and quick. Moreover, we provide you with the assurance that you can increase or reduce the number of vehicles in your fleet based on your needs.

So, if you want to rent trucks for wind power construction projects, get in touch with us today!