Where to Rent a Truck for the Weekend

Here at Flex Fleet, we pride ourselves in being flexible with our clients. We start by getting each customer all the rental trucks they need,exactly when and where they need them. While we specialize in renting out entire fleets, we understand that there is a need for individual truck rentals as well.

Whether you’re moving over the weekend, have a boating trip planned or you need a tough 4×4 vehicle for your camping excursion, Flex Fleet has got your back. Just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.

The Individual Rental Truck Market

The idea behind individual rental trucks is to fulfill a need in the auto rental market that is currently unsatisfied. Vehicle rental companies are a dime a dozen in the Salt Lake area. These rental companies typically rent out small cars and vans.

If your car is in the shop, these companies can be lifesavers, but what happens if your pickup truck breaks down? If your job relies on your truck, a rental sedan isn’t going to get the job done. You’re going to need a rental pickup truck.

A Rental Truck Can Save Your Campout

Have you ever planned a camping trip and the day before you leave your truck breaks down? There aren’t many situations that are more stressful. In these circumstances, many people just cancel their trip entirely. They stay home and watch T.V. instead of going out and experiencing nature in its rawest form.

With Flex Fleet, you don’t have to cancel your plans. You can rent a truck and proceed with your plans as usual.

Rent a Truck or a Suburban

Here at Flex Fleet, we offers more than just heavy duty trucks. If your plans require you to transport your whole family, you can even rent a Suburban with plenty of seat belts to go around. Maybe you have to drive a car-load of scouts to a camping site.

The Suburban can transport the kids and their camping gear all in one vehicle. The benefits are endless.

Flex Fleet Has Your Back

No matter what your situation you face, Flex Fleet will make sure you’ve got a truck that will satisfy your temporary needs. Just give us a try.

Right now, individual truck rentals are only available in Salt Lake City, Utah. But we hope to expand the option to other locations soon.