Removing Rust: The Old Truck’s Plague

Rust is the oxidation of iron. It causes an ugly brownish orange corrosion on metal usually because of moisture. Rust on cars or rental trucks is probably the ugliest thing for a vehicle. Most people get rid of their vehicles when rust begins to appear. The problem is, rust ruins your car’s value. In any case, you should remove the rust for a better looking car.

Take Safety Precautions

There are a few different ways to remove rust from your vehicle. Because of rust’s nature, all of these methods include grinding/sanding the rusted area down to the metal. Consequently, you’ll need to use the proper safety equipment while removing rust from your vehicle: safety glasses, a dust mask and gloves.

Lay Tape and a Protective Mask

Before you start grinding the paint, metal and rust, tape off the area surrounding the rust spot you’ll be working on. On the other side of the tape, down newspaper or some other type of protective mask. If the metal particles get beneath the protective mask it could ruin the paint on the rental trucks.

Buffing and Re-painting

The process of buffing and re-painting is used for minor rust spots. Minor rust spots are rusting spots that haven’t caused holes yet. You’ll grind out the rust spots leaving a smooth metal surface. Then apply a layer of primer followed by a layer of paint. It is important to fix rust problems early. If you let rust spots fester on your rental trucks, the rust will eventually spread and eat holes in the trucks’ metal.

Use Rust Filler Patches

If rust holes have already eaten through your rental trucks, you may need to try filler patches. Filler patches are useful for fixing holes caused by major rust spots. You’ll still have to grind the rust down, but before priming and painting, you’ll patch the hole with special rust filler patches. After the patch is in place, you fill it with a plaster that will form to be flush with the shape of the car. Then lay primer and paint like usual.