How to React to a Tire Blowout

Imagine that you’re driving down the road in one of your company’s rental trucks. The bed is loaded with heavy construction equipment and you’re on your way to the work-site. The day couldn’t be better.

You’ve got the window rolled down, letting in the cool spring breeze to refresh you while you drive listening to Nickleback. A subtle smile spreads across your face and you realize how awesome life is.

Good Things Never Last

All of the sudden, you hear an explosion beneath you and your vehicle lunges forward and to the right. Your tire just blew out. Most drivers panic in this situation. They either slam on the brakes or swerve. Either or both of these reactions will almost certainly land you in a ditch off the side of the highway. The best response is to remain calm.

How to Stay in Control

If your tire blows out while you’re driving the first thing you’ll want to do is maintain momentum. Whether you’re used to driving sports cars of rental trucks this process will be the same. Push slightly on the accelerator to keep up your current speed.

Keep your vehicle in the lane. This will require you to turn the wheel slightly to compensate for the pull of the blown tire. Once you’re in control of the vehicle, gently slow down and pull off the road. Once you’re safely off the road, turn off Nickleback.

Always Stay Focused

You never know when a tire may blow. It could be because there is not enough air in the tire, causing excessive wear to the tire. Oftentimes, tires blow because you are simply hauling too much. This is usually the case for rental trucks.

In any case, always be prepared. The main thing you should do in preparation is always drive with two hand on the steering wheel. This is the best way to maintain control over the vehicle.