The Pros and Cons of Driverless Vehicles

You may have seen the news or watched as recent headlines sang the praises of driverless vehicles, and then condemned them shortly after the first driverless vehicle crash. Like anything, driverless vehicles are a mixed bag of pros and cons. As your company begins looking for rental trucks or a pickup rental, knowing the pros and cons of driverless vehicles is important. Perhaps your rental trucks come with driverless technologies or your pickup rental fleet is completely driverless. Knowing the pros and cons of this debate will help you best select the pickup rental company that fits your needs, comfort level and driverless technology awareness.

Driverless Technology Pros

Renting a driverless car for your truck rental needs has a few pros and cons. Computers in the car use algorithms to decide when to stop, move and maneuver in several situations. In dangerous working conditions, the extra help wouldn’t hurt and it is predicted that driverless cars could potentially save lives. These driverless cars can communicate with one another, which is a definite bonus when renting an entire fleet.

Driverless Technology Cons

There is a dark side to driverless technology. Like all technology there is glitch potential and the new technology can be quite expensive. Driverless technology may also not be suitable for your specific construction site due to the terrain. You risk a greater accident potential at a work site when driverless technology may be inept. These driverless cars also require a higher level of operation knowledge and for some individuals who struggle with technology operation, working in these vehicles can be stressful.

Renting a driverless fleet is often more expensive and rely on GPS. If you live or work in a more remote area that is not currently mapped out on a GPS, the self driving technology would be rendered useless.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons when selecting your rental trucks. Knowing the pros and cons of driverless cars can potentially save you headaches and work time down the road.

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