How to Properly Maintain Your Fleet Vehicle

All vehicles need regular maintenance procedures run to optimize their performance, preserve the safety of the vehicle and to simply keep things running. Here at Flex Fleet Canada, we are invested in the maintenance of our rental trucks as well as teaching our customers how to care for their personal vehicles.

Fleet vehicles require special maintenance attention to ensure their performance on important job sites and projects. The following tips will ensure that the nuts and bolts of your pickup rental or personal vehicle will continue running smoothly.

Oil Change

The rule of thumb for changing oil is recommended every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. In part this has changed because many newer vehicles are running on special synthetic blends that allow a vehicle to go longer between changes. Every owner’s manual specifies your vehicle’s oil requirements. Be sure to check even the most minute details about your vehicle.

Air Filter

The condition of your air filter is affected by the atmosphere in which you live as well as the number of miles you drive each year. Many manufacturers recommend changing your filter every 5,000 miles. Consider checking it every month as part of your routine to ensure it continues running smoothly.


The tread on your tires will usually be good for about 50,000 miles. However, depending on weather and road conditions you may have to replace them earlier. You can manually check your tire’s tread by inserting a quarter upside down into the tread. If Washington’s head is completely visible, you’re due for new tires.


The best car washes will keep your vehicle looking brand new, and will help preserve its finish. If you allow bugs, dirt and chemicals to accumulate it can eventually strip away the paint on your vehicle. Be sure to use products intended for cars or to take your car to a car wash business.

We care about our fleet vehicles and promise that they will always be in pristine condition for our valued customers. Knowing the regular maintenance schedule will help you stay on top of bringing your vehicle in for service.