How to Prevent Fleet Vehicle Losses

Unfortunately, in today’s world, accidents happen. These accidents not only cost you money, but it can take your life or that of another driver/passenger. Your fleet vehicle is no different. Year over year the amount of fleet vehicle accidents is astounding. It’s shown that premiums for insurance for fleet vehicles have raised during the past twenty years from $13 billion in 1997 to $21 billion in 2016. These accidents are inconveniences, but for the most part can be prevented. It’s important to know how you can be safer on the road with your fleet vehicle so you don’t run into these issues.

Carl Heinlein, a senior safety consultant for insurer American Contractors Insurance Group spoke with a large group of contractors and insurance safety professionals about the delusion we have as drivers about just how safe we really are. Most of us would say that we are safe drivers, but nobody is perfect.  Technology is at our fingertips all day – it’s easy to see how drivers can get distracted. Even though most fleet vehicles have blind spot detection, rear view cameras and advanced braking systems, accidents still continue to happen. Drivers need to take the extra step to ensure the utmost safety in your fleet vehicles.

Examples of Common Fleet Accidents:

  • Aggressive driving- If you start to get frustrated while driving, pull over.
  • Speeding or traveling too fast for conditions- Sometimes jobs need to be done fast, however, go the speed limit or lower in icy conditions and you’ll get there.
  • Distracted driving- The text/call can wait.
  • Violating traffic laws- Make sure you’re obeying signs, lights and speed limits.
  • Fatigue or falling asleep- Make sure you get your Z’s before you get behind the wheel.
  • Short timeframes, heavy loads and complicated work zones also add to these problems.

Heinlein used an example of a recent fleet vehicle accident that happened to a gentleman who drove more than two hours to and from his job site every day. Much of this drive was in direct sunlight which led him to rear end a car stopped at a traffic light. This accident killed two passengers and the settlement was $7 million dollars. Accidents are just that, accidents, but it’s important to know how we can prevent something that in the end could take a life or cost millions.

Flex Fleet Canada wants everyone to be safe on the road! Please take the precautions to ensure your trip to and from your job is a safe one.




With over 9 years in sales, customer service and advising, Danielle Newkirk was the Marketing Assistant at Flex Fleet Canada. She enjoys generating quality leads and creating a memorable brand.