Prepare Your Fleet for Winter

Blizzards, icy roads and freezing temperatures are well on their way — despite the slow start to the chilly season. Cold weather can be the toughest time of year on your pickup rental. By performing proper winter maintenance at the beginning of the season, you can return your fleet in excellent shape.

Regular Brake Checks

There’s no sound quite as unpleasant as the squeal that comes from brakes that aren’t up to snuff. Slick worksites at the bottom of hills can be deadly if the brakes on your rental trucks don’t have the power necessary for a smooth stop.

If you’ve had your trucks for an extended period of time, they may have a hard time holding up when the weather outside gets frightful. If you have any doubts about the condition, take the time to have your brakes inspected.

Staying on Top of Battery Life

The worst feeling in winter is when it comes time to leave for work and your vehicle doesn’t want to start. If your battery is already weak, cold weather can contribute to battery failure.

If you find that your truck is having a hard time starting, see what you need to do to get a replacement. Take action before you find yourself waiting in a cold truck on the side of the road.

Cold Weather and Tire Pressure

Cold weather and cars mean one thing: low tire pressure. As the temperature falls, you may find that your tire pressure sensors come on. Instead of wearing down your tires, further creating a hazard, check the tires of your pickup rental at least once a month.

Windshield Wiper Watchfulness

You may find yourself on the long journey home from a construction site when a winter storm starts. The amount of snowfall in this blizzard is enough to blind the best driver. Your windshield wipers are the only thing keeping you on the road. If you find they are ineffective, replace them at the beginning of the season.

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