Why People Love Pickups

Pickup trucks are as American as apple pie and baseball. These rugged vehicles have a history and they tell a story. For over a century, Americans have proudly driven pickups. Once used mainly for farming, trucks now serve a variety of purposes. Today, the majority are bought as multifunctional family vehicles.

In fact, the top three selling vehicles in the U.S are all pickups. Even those who don’t own a truck are occasionally driving one; pickup truck rentals are extremely popular. Whether it’s hauling, towing or off-roading, people can’t get enough of pickups.


There just isn’t anything else that can do a truck’s job. You can take your Chevy Silverado weekly truck rental down city streets just as easily as you can slide it through the mud. The versatility of a truck is central to its appeal. With enough room for the family and all your camping gear, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortably squishing into a sedan.

If you only need a truck for moving across town or the weekend’s road trip, Flex Fleet offers a variety of rental trucks suitable for any task.


People love the toughness of trucks. But it’s not just what a truck can do, it’s also about how it looks. These commanding vehicles present an image of hardiness while perfectly blending work and play. Pickup drivers can shift seamlessly from a Friday afternoon at the office to a spontaneous weekend road trip.

Pickup enthusiasts take great care of their trucks. The pride taken in a truck’s appearance speaks to the adoration that owners have for these vehicles. Taking great care of one’s vehicle is a reflection of love.

See What the Hype Is About

Trucks are the perfect option for someone looking for a comfortable family vehicle that can also serve a variety of purposes. Flex Fleet offers lots of short and long term rentals, suitable for any fun plans.

If you’re considering buying a truck, check out our unbeatable inventory. Our low mileage pickups are always meticulously maintained. You’re certain to find something you love. When you love what you drive, life is just better.