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Flex Fleet Canada Company Focus

At Flex Fleet Canada, our customers are our top priority and main focus. We are a leading truck rental company that provides our customers with the flexibility to manage the demands of their business at a profitable margin. We understand that your business and project needs are on a time frame and are in high demand. That’s why our goal is to find the truck or van you need to effectively meet your transportation and hauling needs.
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and offering nationwide service, Flex Fleet Canada serves customers in commercial markets, working primarily on short-term projects (minimum of four months). We rent light and medium-duty work trucks, as well as passenger vans.

We understand your needs - and cater to them.

Having been in the business for quite some time, we know that when you need a truck, you need it right then. That’s why we have such a large supply of rentals to satisfy the needs of all of our customers. Whether you’re in the construction industry, mining industry, or oil and gas industry, we have the right trucks and vans you need to meet your business demands from the beginning stages all the way up to completion.

Our “client-first” approach to service and the depths we go to satisfy our customers is truly what differentiates us in this particular market. If you let us provide your company with the truck or van rental services your business needs, you’ll see why.