Need a Small Truck Rental?

small truck rental

All trucks are not created equal. Trucks vary in size, payloads, designs, and towing capacities. Depending on your specific needs, you will have to choose a truck that can help you do the job efficiently. If you are looking for small truck rental, then your best bet would be to pick a ½ ton truck. Read on to find out why!

Why You Should Pick a ½ Ton Truck Rental

If you work for a company that deals in transporting equipment and manpower from one place to another, then you must have come across the dire need to arrange for a truck rental. After all, rentals are a great way to complete company projects in a timely manner without spending a huge amount on purchasing a truck. Imagine having your own rental truck instead of finding one at the last moment or doing the heavy lifting yourself. Wouldn’t that make your life easier?

If you need a small truck rental, then a ½ ton rental truck by Flex Fleet Canada is just the right fit for you. It is hands down one of the most flexible and reasonably-priced trucks that are easily available for government and commercial use. Regardless of the project you are assigned, Flex Fleet Canada will accommodate your need for a ½ ton rental truck right away.

So, let’s look at why the ½ ton rental truck is the most ideal for you.

Benefits of the ½ Ton Rental Truck

Here are some features that make a ½ ton truck rental an ideal fit for your commercial needs:

  • It has a horsepower range of 355-365 – which is great for its size.
  • The average fuel economy of this truck is 15-22 Miles per Gallon (MPG).
  • It also has incredible air conditioning and heating, which will make your ride more comfortable.
  • This truck has a towing capacity of about 6,000-9,000. This is sufficient for anyone looking for a small truck rental. However, if you really want more towing capacity, then you can look into the ¾ ton pickup rentals that have a towing capacity of 14,000-16,817 lbs.
  • It also comes with a feature of cruise control, which allows you to cover the miles you have to travel as swiftly as possible.
  • It also comes with a helpful hands-free phone backup camera. The camera is installed to make certain that you do not accidentally hit anyone or anything while backing up the truck.
  • The truck has an in-built auto transmission with 6 different speed settings, which allows you to customize your ride.
  • It is spacious enough to easily seat six people. So, you can conveniently haul your work crew in this truck. You can also use the back seats to keep valuable, small equipment or personal items during your journey.

½ ton truck rental is for every company that is looking for a solid small truck rental to move their supplies or manpower from one site to another with as much ease as possible.

Why You Should Choose Flex Fleet Canada for Your ½ Ton Truck Rental

Now that you have a general overview of why a ½ ton truck rental is the ideal fit for you, let’s explore why Flex Fleet Canada is the best company to get your truck from.

Quick Delivery

The best part about us is that we deliver countrywide! So, it doesn’t matter even if you live in the farthest or remotest corners of the continental USA, we will deliver the truck you need to your location. Most of our rentals are delivered within a span of 5-10 business days.

Additionally, when you are done with your project, we will make sure to pick up the truck from your job site as well. We can ensure that we are one of the few truck rental companies out there that provide this thoughtful service to their customers.

No Long-Standing Commitments or Hidden Charges

Moreover, you can easily order a ½ ton truck rental from us for a short time period, for instance, even 4 months. When you work with us, there are no long-standing commitments.  We don’t require you to provide any upfront capital. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you want a single truck, five trucks, or an entire fleet, we will accommodate your needs.

Off-Road Clearance

Many companies don’t allow you to take the rental off-road.  However, with Flex Fleet truck, you don’t have to worry about such issues. You can take the rental anywhere you want and on whichever terrain you have to as we have no such restrictive policy. We understand that oftentimes companies have to travel and deliver equipment to remote site locations that require a lot of off-road traveling.  So, feel free to take our small truck rental on your off-road journey.

License to Personalize

You can easily personalize our ½ ton truck rental by displaying your own logo on it – we have no qualms about it whatsoever. Personalizing will give your truck a professional and sleek look. Just make sure that the logo is removable.

Our Clients Are Our Priority

We are well aware of the fact that for our clients, time is everything. This is why we make sure to take a hassle-free approach when it comes to renting out our trucks and vans. We ensure that with every order, we put the needs of our clients at the forefront. Our rental process is swift, effortless, and effective. You can even book an entire fleet under one contract with us, which will save you a lot of time.

Contact Us for a Small Truck Rental and More

You can simply call us up on 888-583-5338 to learn more about the availability of our trucks. If you want a truck bigger than the sturdy ½ ton truck rental, then you can check out other rental trucks and passenger vans by visiting our website. There are various truck sizes to fit your needs.