Need a Truck Rental with a Hitch?

pickup truck rental with hitch

Looking for a truck rental with a hitch to fulfill all your towing needs? Flex Fleet Canada can help you find the perfect truck!

Many industries require trucks with significant towing capacities. This is particularly true for the construction industry. Businesses require trucks that can easily transport their heavy construction material, equipment and tools from one site to another. If the weight of the material is more than the towing capacity of the truck, then it can lead to truck and material damage. Investing in trucks with multiple towing capacities can also be quite costly.

This is where Flex Fleet Canada can help you. We offer you trucks with multiple towing capacities. You can use our rentals to carry your load from one site to the next with ease and without putting a dent in your wallet.

Before we explore the truck rental options at Flex Fleet, let’s take a look at some important considerations when picking a rental truck.

Important Factors to Consider When Picking a Rental Truck with a Hitch

Here are some factors that you need to look at to pick the right truck rental with a hitch:

The Weight of the Truck

The first step is to make sure your chosen truck can fulfill your towing needs. Here are common options that you can choose from:

  • ½-ton trucks: ideal for daily towing needs
  • ¾-ton trucks: ideal for an all-round powerful experience with a stronger suspension system
  • 1-ton trucks: resilient for towing, can fulfill heavy-duty hitching needs

Fueling Options

Gasoline engines are typically easy to maintain and economical. However, when it comes to longer distances, diesel engines prove to be more fuel-efficient than gasoline ones. If your towing requirements are spread over long, winding routes, then diesel engines will be a better fit for you.

Length of the Truck Beds

The bed size of a pickup truck also impacts its towing capacity. Shorter truck beds boost the towing capability of a truck and allow you to tow extra material and equipment. They also enable drivers to maneuver the vehicle easily.

With that said, shorter beds might not allow your whole crew to travel with you, which might lead to higher transportation costs as your crew will have to reach the site some other way. On the other hand, longer beds make towing difficult but save your fuel and time.

This is why you must choose a bed size that suits your needs. If you have fewer members and high-priority towing requirements, then a shorter bed will be better for you.

Vital Precautions That You Must Take When Towing

When using a truck rental with a hitch, there are some precautions that you need to take to avoid the dangers associated with towing such as trailer sway. Your drivers need to be extra cautious and vigilant to prevent trailer sway. The best way to prevent it is to balance all the materials in the truck.

If the material is improperly balanced, then the side with the larger weight will cause your equipment to sway when the trailer makes turns or speeds up. Encourage your drivers to use truck scale stops to measure and balance the weight of the towed equipment.

You must also install brake control systems to prevent sway. These are additional brakes that can help stabilize your truck when it’s pulling heavy equipment. Also, your drivers must maintain a proper distance from other vehicles on the road to prevent accidents.

Truck Rentals Available at Flex Fleet Canada

Here are all the truck rentals that you can get with a hitch at Flex Fleet Canada:

1/2 Ton Pickup

Our ½ ton pickup rentals are versatile and economical. They can easily seat 6 people and have ample cargo space in the bed. With their 9,000 to 9,500 LBS towing capacity, these trucks are ideal for commercial use for firms looking to tow other light trailers.

3/4 Ton Pickup

Our ¾ ton pickup truck rental with a hitch certainly has a stronger suspension system than the ½ ton rental. The impressive 13,000 to 17,500 LBS towing capacity of this truck means you can easily use it to tow a medium-sized camper. It comes with easy-to-handle economical features, superb fuel economy, and maximum torque.

1 Ton Flatbed

Our 1-ton flatbed rental is a versatile, heavy-duty truck rental. It has a gooseneck hitch with a towing capacity of 18,000 to 21,000 LBS that enables it to tow large equipment quite easily. It’s ideal for many commercial industries such as construction and government. It offers impressive torque and fuel economy and comes equipped with a reinforced rear bumper hitch assembly.

1.5 Ton Flatbed

When it comes to towing, our 1.5-ton flatbed rental offers unmatched resilience and can easily handle a hefty payload. It offers an incredible towing capacity of 21,000 to 32,500 LBS and a combined weight rating of 40,000 LB. It provides you with maximum torque, upgraded suspension, heavy-duty tires, and superb fuel economy.

Chevy Silverado 1500 – the Ultimate Truck Rental with a Hitch

At Flex fleet, we have the Chevy Silverado 1500, which has to be the ultimate truck rental with a hitch. It comes with a new and improved trailer connection system, which offers the following features:

  • Hitch View Guidance – A rear camera with dynamic guiding lines for immaculate hitch view. Your driver can zoom in on the hitch to maneuver the truck accurately.
  • Electric Parking Braking Assist – This auto break will engage if the hitch is misaligned, which will make the towing more secure and risk-free.
  • Trailer Camera Package – A comprehensive 270-degree view of the Silverado via the rear vision camera installed on the side view mirror. It will prevent any fishtailing and help your drivers become aware of loose connections right away. It will also assist the driver while changing lanes and backing up.
  • Sway Control – Sensors that apply tow vehicle brakes and dial back engine power whenever the trailer sways.

This system also comes with a hauling mode to deliver optimal power via the transmission and auto-grade braking to slow the truck automatically when going down a steep decline. It also comes with a trailer theft alert, trailer brake control, and trailer tire pressure monitoring system.

The Chevy Silverado 1500 also comes with the MyChevrolet app, which your drivers can use to make a check-list of your towing needs on their smartphones. Your drivers can use the app to check if the trailer has been properly connected to the truck or not. They can also use it to track the transmission temperature, mileage, and fuel economy while towing.

Why Trust Flex Fleet Canada

When looking for a truck rental with a hitch, look no further than Flex Fleet Canada. At Flex Fleet, our customers are our ultimate priority; we make sure to dedicate all our efforts and time to create a hassle-free renting experience for them. When renting with us, you only have to sign a single contract for any number of vehicles that you want to add to your fleet.

We deliver the truck to the designated location in 5 to 10 days. We can also pick up our rentals once you are done using them. You can rest assured that all of our trucks are in perfect working condition and preapproved for off-the-road jobs. We offer mileage allowances based on your needs. We also allow our customers to display their removable logos on our trucks to promote their business during the term of usage.

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