Most Dangerous Roads in Each US State

dangerous roads

Traveling by road can be exciting as you get to view the unique landscape of each state you enter. Alarmingly, however, each state in the US has at least one highway that’s more dangerous and prone to vehicle crashes than others in that state. The 2019 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report lists down the riskiest roads in each state.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calculated the fatal crash rate using the count of fatal crashes. Obtaining this data for 2008 to 2019 from the NHTSA, Geotab, a fleet management firm, compiled a list of the most deadly highways in the US. The aim of this compilation is not to promote a state of agitation but to urge drivers to take precautionary measures, and advocate authorities to keep developing the infrastructure and implement better traffic control throughout the country.

Route 3 – Alaska

Route 3 is considered the most deadly highway in Alaska with an average of 4 fatalities every year.

Interstate 40 – Arizona

With 35 fatal crashes every year, Interstate 40 is among the most dangerous roads in Arizona.

US 65 – Arkansas

US 65 is located in Arkansas, and on average, 14 fatal accidents take place on this highway every year.

Interstate 40 – California

On average, California’s Needles Freeway has 11 fatalities every year.

US 160 – Colorado

The section of US 160 that runs through Colorado averages more than 11 fatalities per year.

Interstate 95 – Connecticut

This stretch of highway sees an average of 16.4 fatal accidents each year.

US 13 – Delaware

Between 2008 and 2017, US 13 in Delaware saw 106 fatal accidents. This highway averages about 11 fatalities each year.

US 1 – Florida

Since 2008, 1000 fatal accidents have occurred on this Florida highway. It has the highest number of fatalities in the country with a figure of 108 per year.

State Route 11 – Georgia

On average, more than 14 people die in accidents on State Route 11 in Georgia.

Route 11 – Hawaii

Route 11, located in Southern Hawaii, has 7.2 fatalities on average every year.

US 95 – Idaho

On average, over 16 people lose their lives on this highway every year.

US 45 – Illinois

Running from Wisconsin to Kentucky, this Illinois highway sees over 11 fatalities every year.

US 41 – Indiana

More than 11 people die in road accidents on US 41 every year.

Interstate 80 – Iowa

Stretching through Iowa City and Des Moines, I-80 sees 19 fatalities every year.

Interstate 70 – Kansas

On average, this Kansas interstate has more 15.5 fatalities each year.

US 62 – Kentucky

Among the deadliest highways in Kentucky, US 62 is a major highway that sees more than 12 fatalities each year.

US 90 – Louisiana

On average, Louisiana’s US 90 has an average of 29.5 fatalities each year.

US 1 – Maine

More than 10 people die driving on this coastal highway in Maine every year.

US 1 – Maryland

The US 1highway stretches from Pennsylvania to Washington, DC. On average, the highway has over 13.5 deaths each year.

Interstate 495 – Massachusetts

Traveling through the suburbs of Boston, I-495 sees 9.5 fatalities annually, on average.

US 31 – Michigan

This icy highway stretches along the coast of Lake Michigan, and every year, more than 12 people die driving through this highway.

US 169 – Minnesota

On average, 7 people die in fatal road crashes annually on this highway in Minnesota.

US 61 – Mississippi

Mississippi’s US 61 stretches through western Mississippi. Since 2008, 120 fatal accidents have been recorded on this highway, leading to an average of 14 fatalities per year.

US 63 – Missouri

This highway is located in central Missouri and sees around 18 fatal accidents each year, on average.

US 2 – Montana

Making its way through Northern Montana’s Glacier National Park, US 2 has an average of 15 fatalities every year.

Interstate 80 – Nebraska

I-80 is a 454-mile long highway that stretches through the entire state of Nebraska. Each year, more than 23 people die on this highway on average.

Interstate 80 – Nevada

This highway runs from California to Utah and sees an average of 17 fatalities annually.

Interstate 93 – New Hampshire

On average, around 6 people die in road accidents on this highway every year.

US 130 – New Jersey

This highway in New Jersey sees an average of 11 deaths every year.

Interstate 40 – New Mexico

With 40 annual fatalities on average, I-40 is among the most dangerous roads in New Mexico.

Interstate 87 – New York

I-87 has 19 fatalities each year, on average.

Interstate 95 – North Carolina

On average, this highway sees around 24 fatalities every year.

US 2 – North Dakota

The US 2 highway has 10 annual fatalities on average.

Interstate 71 – Ohio

Running through Cleveland and Cincinnati, this highway sees more than 19 annual deaths on average.

US 69 – Oklahoma

On average, more than 15 people die on the US 69 highway each year.

US 101 – Oregon

US 101 runs adjacent to the state’s coast. Around 14 people die on this road each year.

Interstate 80 – Pennsylvania

This stretch of I-80 sees 11.5 fatalities each year.

Interstate 95 – Rhode Island

I-95 is only a 50-mile long highway. Yet, it sees an average of over 4 fatal accidents annually.

Interstate 95 – South Carolina

Annually, 30 fatalities are reported on this highway on average.

US 18 – South Dakota

On average, more than 5 people die in accidents on this highway in South Dakota.

Interstate 40 – Tennessee

Running through Tennessee, this highway sees 52 annual fatalities on average.

US 83 – Texas

This is a rural highway that sees around 34 fatalities each year.

US 89 – Utah

Running through central Utah, US 89 sees 13 fatalities each year on average.

US 7 – Vermont

Located in western Vermont, this highway sees 5.5 fatalities annually.

US 460 – Virginia

Each year, around 21 people die in road accidents on US 460, on average.

Interstate 5 – Washington

I-5 runs through Seattle and sees approximately 26 fatalities on average every year.

US 19 – West Virginia

This West Virginia highway sees the deaths of an average of 11 people per year.

Interstate 94 – Wisconsin

This highway, stretching through Wisconsin state, has 13 deaths on average, each year.

Interstate 80 – Wyoming

The part of the I-80 highway that runs through the southern part of Wyoming sees an average of 21 fatalities annually.


Although the list doesn’t account for population differences and degree of traffic on each highway, it does give an idea of which roads are particularly dangerous. Based on the average annual number of fatalities, Florida’s US 1 tops the list with 108 average annual deaths, followed by Tennessee with an average of 52 fatalities.