Why You Might Need a Flatbed Rental Truck

No matter what you do on a day to day basis or where you call “the office,” there’s a good chance that you can find a creative way to use a flatbed truck. The uses for a flatbed rental can vary greatly across different industries. Perhaps it’s construction, waste prevention or agriculture — we have you covered at Flex Fleet Canadas.

Building Materials

A flatbed would be a huge asset to have as part of your work fleet if you have to haul building materials. All sorts of materials can be hauled with a flatbed rental such as: lumber, steel beams, bricks and shingles. Because of the way the flatbed is made, you will be able to carry more materials than with a normal truck or trailer. The design also allows for large and oddly shaped materials.


There are many reasons why having a flatbed would help with removal. Imagine a tree feel over in your yard. You would have to take multiple trips with a normal size truck. However with a flatbed, you can cut up the tree less and minimize the effort of the removal process.

Construction workers might need to remove scrap metal from the job site to a site that properly disposes of it. Normally, they could call a company to do it for them. Renting a flatbed just makes it easier. That way you can do it on your own time rather than the waste company’s time.

Haul Equipment 

If you work for a construction company, you probably have heavy duty equipment that needs transportation. More often than not the construction equipment you use is bigger than your vehicles. That’s where the flatbed comes in. They make transporting equipment much easier.

The agriculture industry has a large amount of big machinery that needs to get hauled from one destination to another. Flatbeds are even useful for hauling hay to the livestock.

There are many reasons to use a flatbed truck and all of them make life easier for you. Make the call to Flex Fleet Canada for your quote today.