Merging Onto the Freeway Safely in a Fleet Vehicle

If you’re driving a fleet flatbed rental for a construction job, you are probably well aware of the extra liability you carry as a representative of your company. In addition to that liability, you are also probably aware of the risk of getting in an accident.

Fleet rental trucks are oftentimes large vehicles with additional equipment and merging onto a freeway can be a difficult move. In fact, a high percentage of freeway crashes occur near on-ramps and off-ramps. Follow this freeway-safety guide to ensure you won’t be involved in a fleet flatbed rental accident.

Consider Speed

Try to match your speed to the traffic flow of the freeway. Make sure you signal early and move carefully into the first lane. Before you move over do a shoulder check over your left shoulder to avoid colliding with another vehicle that was in your blind spot, as you are probably not used to driving a vehicle of this size.

Follow the Rules

Some freeways have a traffic light system that you must follow before you can even enter the on-ramp. In these situations you will have to stop at a light, and when it turns green one car at a time can enter the ramp. The freeway traffic has the right of way so be sure to yield to any oncoming vehicles.


You should never stop in the acceleration lane unless there is a serious emergency. There is always the possibility that vehicles behind you won’t see your vehicle until it is too late.

National crash statistics show that nearly 1.3 million people die in car accidents each year, and another 20 to 50 million are injured or disabled. Many car accidents could be prevented if people were more courteous in warning other drivers and were more aware of their surroundings.

Following these safety precautions and basic driver courtesy will help keep you, and those around you, safe as you perform your job responsibilities.

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