How to Improve Your Truck’s Fuel Efficiency

At Flex Fleet, we can ensure you that your wallet won’t feel limp after you take advantage of our competitive pickup rental prices. But when it comes to your wallet and the gas station, that might be a different story.

Over the years, trucks have become synonymous with fuel inefficiency. We try and soften the blow by offering the newest, most technologically advanced and fuel efficient trucks available, but if we’re being honest, a truck’s fuel economy will never compare to a sedan’s.

Still, fleet managers and workers who have traveled hundreds of miles just to get to their worksites have discovered a few tips to saving some gas.

#1: Follow the GPS

Entering in your destination point in your GPS system will ensure you that you’re taking the shortest, most fuel-efficient route available. Luckily for you, all Flex Fleet Canada trucks come standard with GPS systems.

#2: Keep Your Tires Inflated

No matter how strong your tires are, enough sharp rocks, nails or metal wires that are found at worksites can leave your tire with a slight puncture that might let air out over time. If your tire does get a small puncture, patch it up if you can, or at the very least keep an eye on it to see if it’s losing too much air too fast.

#3: Close the Windows

If you’re heading out to work on a sunny morning, it might be tempting to roll down the windows to get a taste of some of that fresh, crisp air. It might be nice to do, but having the windows down will cause your truck to drag, which can make your fuel efficiency go down by 10 percent on the highway.

#4: Steady Pace Wins the Race

The math shows that the faster you go, the more velocity you’ll need. So in the long run, going faster doesn’t mean you’ll get to the construction site quicker, it just means you’ll be spending more time at the pump. This is especially the case if your pickup rental is towing something.

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