The Importance of Road Construction in 2022

President Joe Biden released his annual budget plan that will go into effect October 2021 for the 2022 fiscal year. The plan has set forth where money will be allocated to help the nation. Road construction was one of many points written out in the plan.  The details of the plan and future demand have companies in need of fleet vehicles for their increasing number of projects. 

 What is the Presidential Budget

The Presidential Budget is a plan for the next fiscal year that sets the spending for each government office. The President allocates money to each government office that is divided into specific entities within the department. The budget was proposed the first week of February for the next fiscal year starting in October. The budget is an annual proposal the U.S. President writes up for approval by the Senate and House of Representatives. The budget hasn’t been approved as of June 8, 2021, but there is no deadline besides October 1, 2021, when it will go into effect. If not approved by that date, there will be a government shutdown. Spending will start October 1, 2021, once approved. 

 What It Means for Road Construction 

The president’s proposal for infrastructure in the budget calls for the improvement of modernizing bridges, highways, ports, and airports, and transit systems. About $115 billion would pay for fixing roads and bridges, chosen by those in most need of repair. That includes 20,000 miles of highways and roads, the 10 most “economically significant” bridges in the U.S., as well as 10,000 smaller bridges. Another $85 billion is set aside for modernizing transit systems. Airports, ports, and waterways would also receive improvements. Finally, $80 billion will go to the growing backlog of Amtrak repairs.  

The budget is different from the infrastructure bill that is being debated between Congress and President Joe Biden. The infrastructure bill will add more resources to the budget but hasn’t been decided. It is something to continue to look at for in this industry.  

How Can Flex Fleet Rental Help 

The budget has added a new opportunity for the road construction industry. The plan has been set forth for the United States to add more jobs to help fill these jobs. In order to help win bids in this truck market, renting trucks is an easy way to add to your fleet and secure trucks for the jobs this upcoming year. You can secure the exact number of trucks to help make the bids exact and not have to deal with any hidden expenses. With Flex Fleet Canada, you can decrease or increase the number of trucks to meet the demands of the job you are able to secure.   

Flex Fleet Canada can provide trucks throughout the United States to meet the demand for road construction jobs. Our Inventory continues to grow throughout the year to provide companies with the best quality trucks for the job. We have half tons all the way up to one and a half-ton flatbeds. The trucks come standard with a crew cab that provides plenty of space for the transport of workers to and from the job site. The towing package is perfect for pulling a trailer with equipment. The quality of our trucks is unmatched and can meet the demands of any job you may have. 

In Closing 

The national budget that has been proposed by the President of the United States is key to helping the road and infrastructure industries. There will be more opportunities for these companies to secure bids for these projects. Flex Fleet Canada has the inventory to meet the demands of these companies to help secure bids and provide the best truck to help complete the job.