Importance of Environmental Construction

It’s important in today’s world to be conscious about our environment and our impact on it. Commercial and residential buildings are no different. It’s important that environmentally-safe processes exist, so the construction and the end result is safe for our environment and safe for the people who will enjoy it.  Environmental construction/Green construction is the process of building a structure with our environment in mind, as well as the health of individuals. This process creates high quality, healthier and more energy efficient commercial buildings.

Why is Environmental Construction Important?

Believe it or not but the growth and development of our communities, effects the natural environment. Natural resources are used everyday to handle the manufacturing, operation, design and construction of a building. The amount of waste that a structure can produce is shocking. In the United States alone, buildings produce 30% of landfill waste, 38% of carbon dioxide emission and 12% of total water consumption. There are now ways to make it so that the structure being built is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to the consumers’ pocket books.

Benefits of Environmental Construction

Protects natural spaces- Steps are taken to limit the impact on the local ecology.

Enhances existing ecology- Environmental construction projects are often built on developed property. Steps are taken to restore plant life to building sites by decreasing the site area used for parking, or through using green roofs.

Reduces water use– By reducing water use, environmental construction projects minimize the harmful effects of water use and its effects on local plant life and aquatic life.

Reduces material use and use low-impact materials– Green buildings promote the use of materials with less environmental impact. They also typically utilize fewer materials, through efficient design and the removal of unnecessary materials. Recycling is utilized throughout the entire process of environmental construction.

Reduces emissions to air- Green projects reduce air pollution through reduced energy use, the use of appropriate refrigerants, the use of materials with low off-gassing, and other steps. Reduction in the use of fossil fuels at the building site result in lower air pollution contributions at the site.

Green Building is cost-effective and reduces day-to-day cost– Between 2015-2018, LEED certified buildings in the United States is estimated to have “$1.2 billion in energy savings, $149.5 million in water savings, $715.2 million in maintenance savings and $54.2 million in waste savings.”


Three Completed Green Projects

Banner Bank Building in Boise Idaho

  • The building itself was made from 40% recycled materials, all from local suppliers.
  • A water reclamation system was placed – they noticed 65% decrease on energy and 80% decrease in water.
  • Its backup generators run on bio-diesel made from used vegetable oil.

Daybreak Corporate Center, Utah

  • Cost $40 million to complete.
  • 95% of the building waste from its construction was recycled.
  • 22% of the materials used for building were also from recycled sources.
  • 100% of storm water is used to irrigate the landscape.
  • Currently runs on 22% less energy than a standard building.

Helios House Gas Station, Los Angeles, California

  • This building is built entirely from recycled glass, scrap metal and steel.
  • Includes 90 solar panels to provide energy.
  • Includes a rainwater collection system, motion sensitive lights and bamboo-paneled bathroom stalls.


How Can Flex Fleet Canada Help?

We understand that a lot of work goes into these projects. It’s going to require some heavy lifting and your normal pickup is probably not going to cut it. Flex Fleet Canada offers trucks and flatbed trucks to do the heavy lifting for you. Flex Fleet Canada offers options from a .5-ton pickup truck to a 1.5-ton flatbed.

Regardless of the size of your project, we have what you need. We will cover the transportation while you work on making our community better for the environment. Check us out today at and reserve your environmental construction fleet today





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