If You Speed, Avoid These 20 States

While the United States holds the reputation of the most fast-paced nation in the world, it hardly appreciates speeding. If you’re a ‘fast and the furious’ fan or are obsessed with speeding for some reason, you must be well aware of speeding tickets and have probably gotten one at one point in your life. Speeding tickets can be annoying, especially when you’re on a cross-country road trip.

But what you may not know is that the monetary penalties that speeding tickets bring with them in some states can be outrageous. We’ve compiled a list of the most expensive states in terms of speeding tickets. Drive with caution in these states; or if you can’t help driving fast, simply don’t drive there.

1.    Nevada

Nevada is the most expensive US state to be charged with a speeding ticket. The maximum fine for speeding can be as high as $1000, more than triple the amount charged in any other state.

2.    Alaska

In Alaska, first-time speeding offenders can end up being slapped with a hefty maximum fine of $300. Thus, be cautious when you drive between towns there.

3.    Mississippi

Although Mississippi is among the least costly states in the US, its speeding tickets tell a different story. Fines for first-time offenses range from $150 to $300.

4.    New York

Fines for first-time speeding offenses in New York state range from $90 to $600. For offenses between 11 and 30 mph over the speed limit, a maximum penalty of $300 is charged.

5.    Arizona

Next in line is Arizona, which is known for its profound intolerance of speeding. For speeding over just 10 mph over the cap, $250 speeding tickets are charged. The charge keeps on rising by $50 for every 5 mph increase in your speed over the earlier mentioned 10 mph over the limit.

6.    New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, if you violate a speed limit of 70 mph by 13 mph, you’ll be charged with a $248 fine, whereas the same degree of violation costs only $93 in areas with a 55 mph limit or less.

7.    Texas

Speeding tickets in Texas vary from one city to another. For instance, Dallas charges $122 for a first-time 13 mph violation of the limit, while the same offense in Houston will cost you a heavy $229 ticket.

8.    Florida

Like Texas, Florida’s overspeeding penalties depend on the county you’re driving in. Duval or Orange County, for instance, charge $204 for exceeding the limit by 13 mph, but the same violation in Miami-Dade will lead to a penalty of $226.

9.    Rhode Island

Since Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US, inhabitants have lesser excuses for overspeeding. Speeding tickets will normally charge you $225 in this state.

10.         Hawaii

While the maximum amount that a first-time offender can be charged in Hawaii is $200, the penalty may also include a license suspension for up to a year.

11.         Indiana

Overspeeding in Indiana can cost you more than money, depending on the severity of the offense. Simple cases will lead to a speeding ticket that will set you back $100 to $200, but if you plead guilty of reckless driving, such as driving at extremely high speeds, you’ll end up paying a $500 fine and spending up to 60 days in jail. Plus, if your reckless driving leads to someone’s death, you’ll spend up to 6 years in prison in addition to a fine that can go up to $10,000.

12.         North Carolina

Speeding tickets in North Carolina will typically be around $200 for first-time offenders, but your insurance premiums can dramatically rise following a violation of the speed limit.

13.         South Carolina

The consequences of overspeeding in this Palmetto State are relatively uncertain. While you can expect a $15 fine for the first speeding offense, the penalty can go up to $200.

14.         Wyoming

A first time speeding offense in Wyoming will not only get you a maximum fine of $200, but can also punish you with a 20-day sentence in prison.

15.         Louisiana

The maximum fine a speeding ticket in Louisiana holds is $175, but you may also lose your driving privileges for up to a year, and spend up to a month in prison.

16.         Oregon

Oregon regards a 13 mph-violation over the posted limit as a Class C violation. This means that you will have to pay a fine of $165. However, the same violation in a construction zone or a school will cost you around $325.

17.         Ohio

Ohio is another state that will keep you guessing as to the amount of speeding ticket, but you can expect a first or second speeding offense to lead to a fine of $150.

18.         Tennessee

Tennessee doesn’t have clear rules in determining overspeeding fines. The charges carry penalties from $40 to $150 based on the scenario.

19.         Utah

When driving in Utah, make sure you keep an eye on your speedometer, or else you’re risking a hefty amount in speeding tickets. A violation can ensure that you pay a fine as high as $150.

20.         Colorado

Compared to the above mentioned States, Colorado seems much more tolerant when it comes to overspeeding. You may have to pay as much as $135 as a fine, but surprisingly, if you violate the limit by 20 mph, you’ll pay no more than $65 in addition. And guess what; there are no jail sentences for speeding violations in Colorado.

 Closing Thoughts

Driving fast can be thrilling, but one should be wary of the consequences of speeding violations in different states in the US. Depending upon your location, a speeding ticket can act as a significant financial burden, unless you are among the Forbes’ 400 wealthiest Americans. While most Americans won’t complain about a $20 penalty, an enormous $300 fine for a mere speeding violation can be maddening. So make sure you’re aware of the most expensive states to get a speeding ticket.