Hurricane Relief by Truck

We all watched in suspense as Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on our nation. Millions of families were left with no electricity, and no means to reach their loved ones. On the East Coast, from Florida to Virginia, no one was safe.

The nation’s military stepped in to take on the emergency relief services. With rental trucks and the supplies that poured in, storm relief seemed attainable.

No Hurricane Too Strong

Military personnel and the National Guard used a variety of vehicles to assist in cleanup after Hurricane Matthew, much like the rental trucks you can get from Flex Fleet. Some of the larger trucks were sent to deliver thousands of sandbags to the hardest hit areas.

The smaller trucks were used to get residents out, reach flooded neighborhoods and deliver supplies. The sheer size of the vehicles made it easy to handle any amount of citizens and their luggage. Even bed ridden patients found assistance as they escaped the grasp of the storm and relocated inland.

At the peak of the storm there were 2,800 soldiers and airmen deployed to support emergency efforts. Some areas flooded as deep as five feet. It’s estimated that the total damage from Hurricane Matthew could be upwards of Hurricane Sandy’s $70 billion worth of damage back in 2012.

No Matter the Weather

No matter the weather, regardless of the environment, there seems to be one vehicle that will survive the elements. It would appear that to survive the devastation of a hurricane, you should own a truck. Gas is usually in high demand during these times, but diesel never seems to face that issue.

Towing power means that pulling debris away from homes in order to evacuate your neighborhood can be a breeze. Despite the trees that block your path, no hurdle will be too severe.

With pickup rental available through all 50 states, a truck from Flex Fleet can tackle any job.

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