How We Maintain Our Vehicles

One of the great disadvantages of buying a used vehicle is that you can never be sure that it has been well maintained. When driving a work vehicle, your pickup rental must be in a dependable condition. Rental companies ensure that your drive will be smooth by servicing their vehicles.

Buying a new vehicle is not always the best option for those who don’t have time to maintain it themselves. Others may only need a truck temporarily, making a new purchase a waste of money. Additionally, purchasing from a rental company is to buy an equally dependable vehicle for a less expensive price.

Car maintenance prevents engine complications and poor visibility. Such problems could cause a serious wreck. That is why your truck rental company, like those of us here at Flex Fleet Canada, makes a special effort to maintain your vehicle. We have staff who regularly manage their vehicles to avoid roadside complications.

Engine Maintenance

The engine operates on oil, fuel and air. A good rental business takes care of the it by changing air, oil and fuel filters as often as needed. A smooth operating engine will help ensure that your truck runs efficiently as you’re on the job. We recognize complex mechanical issues and have their own staff who can manage these problems.

Maintaining Tires and Brakes

Rental companies keep traction on the tires by maintaining pressure and rotating the wheels. Failing brakes cause wrecks that could have been avoided by regularly checking and maintaining the wheel’s brake components. That is why we ensure that brakes are working and change them when needed.

Maintaining Visibility

Rental trucks are needed in snow, mud and late night drives. As a driver, you know that optimal visibility is required to have better reaction time to avoid accidents. At Flex Fleet Canada, we replace windshield wiper fluid, windshield wipers and clean headlights whenever necessary to make sure your drivers can see clearly in any road condition.

Mechanical Complications

By traveling with a well-maintained truck, the possibility of experiencing vehicle problems is very improbable. Rental trucks are more guaranteed to have well kept engines, tires and great visibility. Buying or using a rental truck is always an investment in a vehicle in optimal condition.