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“Government Waste” is a real problem within many departments of the US government. According to NBC News, the government owns or leases every type of vehicle you can think of from limousines and ambulances to sedans and trucks, to the US military, Postal service, and over dozens of agencies. 

And for what? To be underutilized?

As much as no one wants to admit it, this mismanagement of underutilized government fleet vehicles is a massive waste of taxpayers’ dollars. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common government issue. The City of Tampa endured the same type of mismanagement of their vehicles and ended up being the center of an atrocious city audit.

What’s even more displeasing is the fact that all of this wasteful federal spending is not only unnecessary but it’s completely preventable, saving taxpayers lots of money.

The question here is why?

Why do government departments have such unnecessarily large fleets of vehicles knowing they won’t get utilized on a daily basis?

Well, the reasons vary…

Reason 1: It’s simply much easier to have a vehicle nearby when you need it without having to go through the hassle of finding a car, putting a credit card on file, and reserving and returning the vehicle when you’re done with it.

Reason 2: The process to obtain a vehicle can be too lengthy after giving it up, almost to a point where it’s not worth “the trouble.”

Reason 3: The cost. When most think about the cost of owning a vehicle, they primarily think of maintenance and fuel, neglecting to also think about the entire purchase cost, insurance, and depreciation. The thought process is that if the car sits, there’s no fuel or maintenance to pay on it and it can be used only when needed (this is doing more harm than good is what many don’t realize)

It’s one thing to know how many vehicles you have in your fleet but it’s a true matter of efficiency to know how many vehicles you need in your fleet. And with most government agencies and departments, the number of fleet vehicles they have astronomically outweigh the number of vehicles they actually need.

So What’s the Solution Here?

What if government departments had a truck and vehicle resource that allowed them to rent vehicles when they needed them at an affordable rate and with an easy process? Well, that “what if” is now a reality.

Flex Fleet Canada is proud to announce a recent GSA Contract with the United States Federal Government. Below are details regarding the award, including a link to our listing on the GSA Advantage website. We look forward to partnering with you and your government division!


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Schedule 48, Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions (TDRS)
SIN 411-2, Rental Supplemental Vehicle Program (RSVP)

Contract Number: 47QMCB19D000J
Contract Period: 5/9/2019 – 5/8/2024
Business Size: Small Business

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