Government FLEET


Spending millions of dollars each year maintaining and replacing its fleet of 2,500+ vehicles, the City of Tampa found itself in the heart of an unpleasant city audit. What did the audit find?


  • 27% of the of its motor vehicles were underutilized
  • 160 trucks and cars made the list
  • Nearly 100 vehicles didn’t move at all in the past 12 months

“Seems like a colossal waste of money. Our taxes should be used for better things than cars that just sit somewhere and don’t get any miles on them.”   – Joe Redner, local business owner.

How did the city respond?  They did the following:

  • 15 vehicles were transferred to other departments
  • 104 cars and trucks were sold at auction
  • 33 are still being assessed by the city

Under-utilization of a fleet can be expensive to an organization. By minimizing pool and surplus vehicles, you could save a significant amount of money with a flexible fleet rental program.

With tax dollars being spent on a fleet of vehicles that aren’t utilized as they should, taxpayers have every right to be upset and frustrated. Government officials understand that having a fleet of vehicles is inefficient but the issue is getting certain departments to give up some of their fleet trucks and vans. One of the reasons they have a hard time giving up some of their fleets is because it could be difficult to add it back at a later date.

That’s all the more reason to rent with us to prevent the issue of an underutilized fleet. The fact that the government may not need a fleet of vehicles on an everyday basis is why renting makes sense. We can provide government sectors with fleets of reliable pickup trucks,   trucks, or vans when they need them.

The aspect that is forgotten with various government sectors is the actual cost of these vehicles, the depreciation, and what it costs to maintain these vehicles. For heavy-duty trucks like pickups and flatbeds, and even vans to transport workers from job site to job site can be very expensive. Thousands of dollars can be saved by renting a fleet of vehicles with us versus purchasing. We offer sturdy and reliable trucks and vans at reasonable prices.

Discover how Flex Fleet Canada can help you save on your fleet by calling the number at the top of the page, or by completing the “Quick Quote” form. A regional sales manager will discuss the many benefits of leasing a fleet, whether it’s 1 or 100.