A Giant Among Truck Rental Companies

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A company that prides itself on providing service, selection and value with ease, Flex Fleet Canada offers an array of 4×4 light-duty and medium-duty rental trucks to commercial operations throughout the United States. A dedicated team of truck rental professionals that considers customer service and satisfaction a top priority, we are considered a giant among truck rental companies and we could not be happier about it.

“Rent. Work. Return.” We abide by these three words when it comes to fulfilling our promise of making things easy for our customers. Our fleet consists of light and medium duty pickup trucks, which include 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks. We also have flatbed trucks, which are 1 ton and 1.5 ton. In addition to the trucks in our fleet, we have 12-passenger vans and 15-passenger vans. We make sure that we deliver the vehicles our customers need where they want them and when they need them. The only thing customers need to worry about is renting the trucks, using them, and then returning them when the project is complete. It’s a simple way to make things work.

Reliable Truck Rental Company

When it comes to choosing a truck rental company, there are two important things to consider: their experience and their dependability. Having spent so much time in the truck rental business, Flex Fleet Canada has become one of the foremost companies in the business because of their dependability.

If there is one thing that we brag about at Flex Fleet Canada, it is the fact that we have some of the most dependable trucks in our fleet. It goes without saying that we also hold our company and its services to the same high standards. Working with Flex Fleet Canada, our customers are assured the highest quality of service.

Without making any compromises to customer service or the quality of vehicles, it is safe to say that both our company’s infrastructure and the vehicles we provide are built to last.

Dependable Trucks

Truck rental companies cannot provide quality services if their trucks are not dependable. At Flex Fleet Canada, we understand the fact that a truck is more than just a vehicle for companies.

A truck is a vital tool, engineered to help you and your crew get the job done properly. You will not use a truck unless you’re sure that it can do the job it is supposed to do without breaking down.

We are one of the rental truck companies that ensures our fleet assets are maintained to the highest standards. With our fleet fulfilling your needs, you can work without a worry in the world. All our trucks ensure that your project moves forward smoothly.

From long-term flatbed rentals to passenger van rentals, you can get as many vehicles as you need to make sure that your next project is completed without any hassle.

Why Flex Fleet Canada

When it comes to truck rental companies, there are quite a few options to choose from. With so many options, you need to make many considerations in order to choose the one that will suit your needs the best. While the financial aspect of choosing a truck rental company is undeniable,  you should consider more factors.

Your crew will be using the trucks you choose. It is necessary to choose a truck rental company that provides reliable, durable and safe vehicles for the crew to use. It is not just about getting the job done, it is also about keeping your crew safe.

It doesn’t matter which industry your company belongs to. Your company could be working in the general construction business or it could be a pipeline company, there are unique requirements for every kind of job. Flex Fleet Canada is a truck rental company that understands the nature of the various job sites and the requirements of the vehicles for those jobs.

We recommend the vehicles we think you need for the project at hand. Our recommendations are based on the type of truck you will need for the job. We will also recommend the number of trucks based on your requirements.

One of the most important reasons we are the right company for your needs is right in our name – we are called Flex Fleet Rental for a reason. Not only do we focus on providing customers a comprehensive service, we are also very flexible in accommodating their needs.

We deliver and pick up the rental vehicles based on your needs. If you require 10 vehicles for a job 50 miles away from your office, don’t worry, we have you covered. If you need 5 flatbed trucks for a job 2,500 miles from your headquarters, we’ll deliver them to that job site.

Your Needs Come First

Flex Fleet Canada makes no compromises when it comes to ensuring that our customers’ needs are met based on their terms. As one of the leading truck rental companies, we are in the business of taking care of your needs. We do not just strive to meet our customers’ expectations. We are determined to exceed them. With Flex Fleet Canada, your needs come first.

Whether you need our services for a small or large scale project, we know that we can provide you with the appropriate vehicles. Over the years, we have learned that not any rental truck will do the job properly. This is why we have the newest vehicles in our fleet and turn them over often.

Working with Flex Fleet Canada, you will realize that we’re a giant among truck rental companies. We are the perfect partners to assist you in your upcoming projects.

Call us at 888.664.9570 for a free quote or more information about us. We’d be more than happy to help you out.