Getting the Most Out of Your Fleet

As a small business owner it can be easy to do things that’ll save you time, money and energy. Let’s say you get a job that is way bigger than you’re used to. When this happens it is easy to feel overwhelmed. We may overlook decisions like rental trucks when we really, really should give that a second thought.

Rental trucks can be the difference between making the job easier or one you’ll regret. When we are at the helm of our fleet it is easy to be overly cautious. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your fleet

Don’t Pay Attention to the Miles

We may feel apprehensive when it comes to racking up the miles because we do not want to be overcharged or wear out our welcome. Most rental trucks do not have limitations. Fleet companies are the way you are able to complete your job and satisfy your customers. Fleet companies are the same way. They are here to serve you. Unlimited miles is just one of those ways they are here to help you get your job done.

Don’t Worry About Small Dents and Scratches

Trucks are meant to take a beating. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have flat beds. If you’re a construction worker you generally have no hesitations about filling up the bed of your truck. Unfortunately if it is not yours you’ll naturally be hesitant. This is understandable but able to be dismissed.

Fleet contracts often cover your average scrapes and dents that come with a job. Granted, major dents will be assessed and that will be between you and the fleet company. However, your average run of the mill damages are anticipated by the fleet company and you can rest assured you’ll be fine while you’re doing your job.

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