Gas or Diesel Pickup Truck Rental?

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What’s better – gas or diesel? This has always been a quintessential debate for the commercial fleet industry. The two primary sources of fuel used for pickup trucks in the fleet rental industry, gas and diesel, each have their own qualities. We are going to try to settle the matter of which will serve the fleet rental industry better: a gas or diesel pickup truck rental?

Which is Better, Diesel or Gasoline?

Through our hands-on experience in the industry and research, we have put together some information you will need to decide whether gasoline or diesel engine pickup trucks will serve your needs better. When you are comparing the two sources of fuel, there is no black and white about which is ultimately better than the other. The matter also depends on the kind of application.

What’s the Difference?

Engines used by both gasoline and diesel engines combust fuel in chambers to release energy that moves the pistons and powers the whole vehicles. The major difference between the two is in how the fuel is ignited within the engines.

Gasoline engines see the gas mix with air and it’s ignited to create the tiny combustions needed. With diesel engines, the air is compressed before the fuel is introduced. The compressed air heats up so much that it is able to ignite the diesel when it is added.

What Does this Mean?

You see, the debate between gas or diesel pickup truck rentals has different answers based on the application. When you look at the normal application for everyday use in your home and office, a gasoline engine can serve your needs better. The gasoline engine is able to combust the fuel a lot faster, it does not cost a lot to purchase a gasoline engine truck and there are several other reasons why gasoline engine cars are excellent for non-commercial use.

However, the focus we have is on the fleet industry and when it comes to the heavy use in this industry, gasoline engines simply do not have the capabilities that diesel engines do.

We’ll do a comparison of both gasoline and diesel pickup truck rentals when it comes to the costs related to them to give you a better perspective.

Initial Vehicle Costs

When it comes to the initial cost of acquiring the vehicle, the gasoline engine pickup trucks are the clear winners. The engines in those vehicles are more basic than diesel engines. Depending on the class of the vehicle and the manufacturer, there is a difference of anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 in the prices of a diesel engine truck and a gasoline truck.

The initial cost of acquisition is really the only major holdup when it comes to availing the benefits of the diesel trucks over gasoline ones but that is something you should not have to worry about. When you are acquiring a diesel pickup rental truck, your only concerns will be with the costs of fuel and the simple maintenance while you are using the vehicle. The initial cost of acquisition is our concern at Flex Fleet Canada.

The comparisons below will highlight the differences between our diesel pickup truck rentals  and our gasoline engine truck rentals.

Projected Annual Miles

One of the key costs of operations of vocational fleets is related to the annual miles that the vehicles travel. The longer the vehicle has to travel in a year, the more fuel it will consume, the more work the vehicle has to do and the more repairs it will need.

A general rule is that if the projected annual miles the vehicle will travel is less than 25,000 miles, a gasoline engine is more cost effective considering all the fuel costs and routine maintenance. Even though the diesel will save you 30 percent when it comes to comparative fuel economy at this distance, the cost of this amount of diesel will be higher than the cost of gasoline.

If your vehicles are expected to travel more than 25,000 miles per year, diesel starts to become an increasingly economical option. Over longer distances, the amount of fuel the diesel engine saves will eventually result in lower costs.

Maintenance Costs

Diesel engines are more complex than gasoline engines. This means that technicians for diesel engines must have a more sophisticated skill set to provide proper maintenance and care. As a result of the specialized training and more complex parts, the maintenance for diesel engines is more expensive than gasoline engines.

That being said, diesel pickup truck rentals are still a more viable option when it comes to use in vocational fleets. The reason? For one, diesel engines are a lot more resilient than gasoline engines. Diesel engines burn the fuel slower and that puts less mechanical stress on the parts. Finding replacement for parts and general maintenance needs to be done after longer distances traveled.

Gasoline engines typically require an oil change for every 3,000 miles. When it comes to diesel engines, that number goes up to 7,500 between oil changes. While the cost of each oil change might be higher for the diesel pickup truck rentals, the number of times you need to get it done is less than half of gasoline trucks over the same distance traveled. This ultimately results in lower costs.

Diesel Pickup Truck Rental through Flex Fleet Canada?

Acquiring your diesel pickup truck rental through Flex Fleet Canada will make many things easier for you. When it comes to the initial acquisition costs, that is in our court and we take care of it. We will deliver the vehicles to you in perfect condition.

This means your costs for any repairs will also not be a problem unless you plan to use the truck for a very long time. All you need to worry about are the fuel costs and minor regular maintenance which also become irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things.

If you would like more information about why Flex Fleet Canada is the company to get a diesel pickup truck rental from, don’t hesitate to call us at 888.817.7104.