Is There a Future in Electric Trucks?

If you’re a truck owner, you probably fall into one of three categories: the weekend warrior, the off-roader or the workhorse. The weekend warrior is the guy who uses his truck to haul his toys and to have a good time. The off-roader is the one who uses his truck to go “muddin’” and push his truck to its absolute limit.

Finally, we have the workhorse who invested in a pickup rental to finish the job. Whichever categories you fall into, you need a truck that meets your needs. Many of us are left wondering if the future of electric trucks can meet all these needs.

A Disappointing Past

However much the atmosphere and our wallets would benefit from electric rental trucks, there’s always the question if they’ll be up to snuff. The great disappointment of hybrid trucks is as true as ever. The slow sales led to a discontinuation of these vehicles.

To have a successful electric truck you would need a better powertrain. To work off electric only, you would have to double the power behind existing electric cars. In addition to that you would need to store an enormous amount of energy — the kind of energy to get you to your secluded worksite and back without fail.

Perhaps Tesla Will Innovate?

The demand in the truck segment is proof that getting invested in it is the logical thing to do. As the leader in electric cars, it would be reasonable to assume that your next pickup rental could in fact be a Tesla.

Tesla has never mentioned future plans for the division, but they have alluded to the fact that creating a truck from their existing technology would be easy. However, the price tag may make it harder to market these items.

“I can’t say too much about the new products and the things we are developing, but from a pure technology point of view, everything that we’ve done on vehicles translates directly into trucks,” JB Strauble, Tesla’s chief technology advisor said.

From the jobsite to the lake, the future of trucks is looking bright.

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