From Fleet to Family

Buying a new car is a serious commitment, especially if you want something fancy. From tremendous monthly payments, soaring interest rates and hefty down payments, many seek out the alternative of buying former rental trucks. While this may make a lot of people skeptical, there are many advantages to a used vehicle.

Just because something has been pre-owned, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work anymore. In fact there are many vehicles that were used only a couple of times and replaced by the newer model. This happens often with rental trucks, as they are always wanting to offer their clients the most recent models. So, in reality you are getting a new vehicle.

Rental Vehicles Are Properly Maintained

One of the main reasons you should consider a pickup rental is their quality. These vehicles have been maintained by their respective companies the entire time they have been available on the lot. From routine oil changes, cleaning and engine maintenance, they are treated as brand new vehicles and to many renters feel brand new.

When considering buying a former rental truck, you can be sure they have been taken care of to ensure a quality vehicle.

The Miles Are Rather Low

Most rental vehicles are used for work only, which involves getting from point A to point B. If you are skeptical that the vehicle has 60,000 miles, there is a good chance that these are all highway miles.

You Will End Up Saving Money

There comes a risk in buying a used car, but buying a new car isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. Think about it this way, you can be taking a $12,000-dollar risk or a $25,000-dollar risk. Most of these vehicles are still in their manufacturer warranty period, so you still have some cushion when buying a used car.

Many car owners are leaning towards used cars to save money. If you don’t mind a couple of miles on the engine and the fact that someone else drove the car before you, buying a former rental is a great alternative to buying a new vehicle.