Ford’s Telematic System Helps Track Fleet Behavior

It’s a big world out there — with roads and highways that stretch for thousands of miles and an incredible number of cities — making it tough to know where your fleet drivers are at all times. In the world of fleet rentals, the company renting out the trucks wants to make sure you have the proper vehicles to get the job done, however there are some workers who seem to take advantage of this given service.

When your employer goes out to rent a truck for you, he is doing it so you have a vehicle that will make your job easier. Your employer isn’t buying you a new toy, he’s providing you with a tool.

Luckily enough for company owners looking for fleet rentals, a new technology is making its way into the mainstream. Ford has released their telematic system, which helps company owners track a wide range of performance metrics when it comes to their fleet rentals. Here is how this service can be crucial in stopping the misuse of fleet vehicles.

Productivity Boost

According to Ford, the use of their telematics system has been proven to increase productivity in workers. Company owners have reported that since the introduction of the telematics system, there was a 20 percent increase in fleet utilization and a 15 percent boost in workforce productivity, which ultimately led to a 15 percent reduction in overtime.

Environmental Benefits

The monitoring of rental trucks has also led to an increase in environmental preservation. It was reported that the telematics system has been linked to a 25 percent decrease in fuel costs — meaning less fuel is being used — a 30 percent reduction in idle time and a 10 percent drop in daily mileage.

Safety First

Not only do company owners want to make sure the vehicles are being put to work, but they also want to ensure their employee’s safety. The telematic system tracks vehicle location (which can be crucial if a worker finds himself stranded), speed, hard braking, acceleration and seat belt use. Rental trucks are meant to help you, not hurt you — use them responsibly.

Fortunately for those who rent from Flex Fleet Canada, fleet telematics are already an option with of our rentals. What do you think? Is this telematics system going to become a requirement for all rental truck companies in the future, or does it feel invasive?




With over 17 years in marketing, including digital and traditional, Jan Eliason is currently the Director of Marketing at Flex Fleet Canada and thrives on driving high quality leads and creating an unforgettable brand.