Looking for a Ford F250 Rental?

Ford f250

If you’re in the construction industry or any other industry that often has to tow or carry heavy equipment from one job site to another, then you must always find yourself in need of a reliable truck. This is where the Ford F250 comes into the picture. This truck is incredibly durable and offers good towing and payload capacities. It also comes with numerous safety features and offers complete cabin comfort. All of its features and specs make this truck the perfect fit for all sorts of commercial jobs.

With that said, if you’re thinking of buying a Ford F250 or a fleet of these trucks, then think again! Instead of spending money upfront, you can simply rent as many Ford F250s as you want with Flex Fleet Canada. These trucks will come equipped with the required features and will also be in mint condition. You can easily take them for off-road assignments on a wide variety of terrains.

About Ford F250 Rentals

Here’s everything you need to know about renting a Ford F250:

Appearance and Cabin Comfort

The Ford F250 comes with the standard features, such as automatic high beams, pick up box and cargo area lights, bumpers made of chrome steel, tailgate, tow hooks, tie-down hooks, etc. It also has stowable loading ramps, bed mats, and pick up box covers. The cabin is air-conditioned with manual control.

The truck offers cruise control and power equipment such as power lock doors and windows as well. There are also power points for the passengers, a rearview camera, and a secondary glove box. The vehicle also comes with an additional under-seat storage box that can be locked. It will also be equipped with an audio system, Wi-Fi, and a navigation system.

Specs, Power, and Handling

The Ford F250 has an amazing fuel capacity of 29 to 48 gallons. As for its engine power, you can choose between 6.2L V8 Gas (FFV), 7.3L PFI Gas V8, 6.7L Power Stroke, and V8 Turbo Diesel. This truck also offers amazing horsepower and 6-speed and 10-speed transmission.

The maximum conventional towing capability of Ford F250 rental is 24,200 lbs, while the highest 5th wheel towing capability is 32,500 lbs, which is great for a 3/4 ton truck rental. As for its capacity for gooseneck towing, the maximum weight it can tow is 37,000 lbs. Moreover, the maximum payload it can handle is 7,850 lbs.

Safety Features

Apart from the usual safety features such as airbags, belt-minders, seat belts, child tethers, and SOS Post Crash Alert System, the Ford truck comes with plenty of special safety features as well. It comes with the Blind Spot Information System. This means that if you pull a large trailer with your Ford, you will have the cross-traffic alerts, not just for the truck but also for the conventional trailer that you’re towing as long as it is up to 33 feet long.

Ford F250 is also equipped with a camera that’s mounted behind the windshield. It scans road lane markings and identifies any unintended lane changes during the day and night. This lane-keeping alert will keep your drivers safe as it will alert them with a series of steering wheel vibrations whenever they drift outside of their lane.

You can also use the driver alert mode, which will enable the system to spot constant lane drifting as a sign of fatigue. It will give out visual and audio alerts that will tell the driver that they should pull over and rest for a while. As for the security of the vehicle, it comes with a perimeter anti-theft alarm and remote keyless entry. It’s also equipped with a Passive Anti-Theft System.

The truck also comes equipped with pre-collision alert and automatic emergency braking. These features will keep your drivers and passengers safe. The pre-collisions system will scan the road and alert the driver of potential collisions with vehicles that are in their path. If the driver ignores the warning and doesn’t take any preventative actions to avoid the impact, then the emergency brakes will function automatically.

Why Rent from Flex Fleet Canada

If you want to rent a truck, then pick Flex Fleet Canada as your go-to rental company. We make renting a truck easy and convenient for all commercial and government companies. We take the hassle of signing bucket loads of paperwork out of the equation, which saves valuable time. All you need to do is sign one contract, whether you’re renting one truck or a whole fleet. We also make sure to understand the needs of your project and determine the exact number of vehicles you will need for it.

On top of that, Flex Fleet Canada always maintains a “client first” approach. We are dedicated to serving our clients in whatever capacity possible. In this regard, we offer you the service to deliver and then return our rental trucks to and from your specified locations.

Our delivery system isn’t just limited to major cities. We promise to deliver our trucks anywhere in the 48 continental states of America. To make this possible, we have set up our fleets in multiple locations across these states.

Moreover, when you rent from us, you will receive your truck in mint condition. You can put your Ford F250 rental directly to work on any type of terrain. It will also be equipped with the license plates required in your state.

Another major plus point of renting with Flex Fleet Canada is that all of our rentals are pre-approved to go off-road. Not many rental companies offer such a service. However, we completely understand that most of the heavy lifting takes place in remote locations that can be accessed only via off-road terrains.