Why Flex Fleet Is the Truck Company for You

There are more options out there than ever before. We’re not just talking about our impressive selection of rental trucks; we’re talking about all of the fleet rental companies out there.

Choosing the right fleet isn’t only a financial decision, but the people that work alongside you on the job site are going to be in the rental trucks that you choose, so you want to make sure those trucks are dependable, durable and safe.

Whether you work in the pipeline industry or in construction, we understand that every jobsite requires a unique strategy, and we know that every strategy includes deciding how many and what type of trucks you’ll need. What’s equally or more important is finding a rental fleet company that has a delivery and return policy that works for you.

This is when Flex Fleet comes in. We put the emphasis on “Flex” in our name by being flexible with what you need from us. Need 10 rental trucks just for a weekend job 10 miles away from your offices? No problem. What about 20 trucks 1,000 miles away from your headquarters, and you need them to be delivered to you because your guys are already at the site. We got you covered there, too.

We live and breathe trucks, and we’ve been in the business of taking care of all of your rental truck needs for years now. What we’ve learned along the way is that a satisfied customer isn’t enough. We make sure our customers see that their needs come first, and we want them to come back to us for their next big job because they were so impressed with our work ethic the last time they were with us.

We’ve also learned that any old set of rental trucks isn’t enough for our customers. That’s why every truck in our fleet is no older than two years. All of our trucks are also equipped with cutting edge technology that helps you finish your job more efficiently. We even include GPS systems in all of our trucks, so you can always see where your trucks are on and off the job site.

We’re more than the right fleet rental company for you. We’re your partner in any job that comes your way, no matter how big or small.

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