Flex Fleet Is the Best Option for Remote Worksites

Your next job is in Middle of Nowhere, AK and you need a fleet of 20 rental trucks in order to get the job done. You look through the usual suspects of rental fleet companies, but none of them seem to be willing to allow their trucks out that far from their headquarters. If they are willing, you’ll have to pay a large, unreasonable sum of money.

All you’re trying to do is get your men the tools they need so they can get the job done fast, efficiently and safely, but none of the rental fleet companies seem to understand.

Here’s some good news for you: Flex Fleet understands.

We’re just like you: We get the job done no matter what the cost, and if that means driving our rental trucks to your remote worksite so you can get back to work, then that’s more than fine with us.

However, what makes us the ideal choice for your next remote worksite isn’t just our uncompromised service to you. It’s also the rental trucks themselves.

No truck in our lineup is older than two years, and that means that our trucks have way less miles than other companies who might be using trucks that are nearly a decade old. All of our trucks are also equipped with GPS systems that you have access to. Our GPS systems do the usual stuff like giving you directions, but as a manager, you get to see where your fleet is at all times. So for example, if you’re expecting your crew of 20 to be back from the worksite, but only 19 arrived, you can access the GPS system to see where that truck number 20 is.

Having the newest trucks on the market available for you also means new interiors that aren’t worn out and still comfortable, working heating and air conditioners for those especially harsh conditions and the newest technologies such as back up assist cameras.

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