Why a Fleet Should be on Top of Your Company Christmas List

“Oh Christmas fleet, oh Christmas fleet, thy paint job’s so eye catching.” As your business continues to grow, you may find the need to make sure your fleet grows, too. Your employees who have been with you since day one deserve the tools to be successful.

With Christmas just around the corner, don’t waste your money on pointless stocking stuffer gift cards that every company hands out. Instead, show your employees how much they mean to you with a flatbed rental or pickup truck that they can call their own (for now).

Boost Your Company Morale

Whether your work is construction, electrical, solar or even in government, there’s a large possibility that your employees spend more time on job sites than they do back at the home office. This means that they probably don’t have an office or desk to decorate with pictures of their family.

After a long day working hard, they go home to a house full of people. The teams who built your company into what it is today deserve a space of their own. By investing in rental trucks, they can have a personal space even if it’s just for fifteen minutes at a time.

Let Them Know They Matter

There’s nothing worse than having to bring your own vehicle to a construction job site. You picked a parking spot that would seem to be safe, but you can’t help looking over every once in a while to guarantee that your family vehicle remains in one piece.

By making sure your employees have a pickup rental of their own, you won’t only be giving them peace of mind. It’s a Christmas gift for you, because you may find that the job is getting done quicker and more efficiently.

It’s the season of giving. There are countless ways to show that you care. But this year, pay attention to your employees as they remind you that, “All they want for Christmas is wheels.”