Fleet Safety: Ways to Prevent Vehicle Theft and Break-in

If you’ve been lucky, you haven’t had your vehicle broken into. Sadly, most of us have experienced this. It’s an invasion of your privacy and can lead to lots of money spent to replace what was lost. Thousands of people every year have their fleet vehicle broken into or stolen all together. Fleet vehicles tend to attract theft because they are newer vehicles and typically carry valuable products or tools. It’s important to know the precautions to maximize your fleet safety.

Here are some tips on how to avoid theft:

  • Use the GPS tracking software- 9/10 vehicles with GPS tracking are recovered within 24 hours. Good thing all Flex Fleet Canada vehicles come with that already. If the vehicle is moved, the system will alert the owner.
  • Keep doors locked always– Yes, even when you’re only out of the car for five minutes. Fleet safety 101!
  • Put valuables out of sight– Keep your tools and other important belongings inside the truck.
  • Remove the keys– Always take them with you. Leaving them in the car is asking for them to be stolen.
  • Park where there’s plenty of light– Thefts are less likely going to steal a car in a well-lit area. Thefts can be spotted easier in areas that are lit up.
  • Don’t leave trucks running– A couple minutes while you grab coffee is enough to take off with your fleet vehicle.
  • Shut your windows and sunroof- Even if they are open a crack is an open invitation for thieves. If you are doing it to cool down, invest in windshield sun shades for your vehicle. Fleet safety should come first.

If you’re working on an important project, the last thing you want to deal with is stolen supplies, let alone a stolen vehicle. Take these simple steps to ensure your fleet’s safety so you can get the job done.

If you ever find that your Flex Fleet Canada vehicle is not where you left it, contact the police and Flex Fleet Canada at 385-419-2252.





With over 9 years in sales, customer service and advising, Danielle Newkirk was the Marketing Assistant at Flex Fleet Canada. She enjoys generating quality leads and creating a memorable brand.