Must-Have Features in a Pickup Rental

4x2 4x4 Pickup Truck

Construction projects are on the rise and that means the need for pickup rentals is increasing for construction companies. Many companies realize how feasible the renting option is versus buying new pickup trucks. Acquiring and maintaining new pickup trucks consumes both time and money, whereas getting pickup rentals is a cost-effective, fast alternative.

However, when preparing for upcoming company projects, not all pickup trucks are useful. Based on the nature of the project, the features in the pickup rentals should suit the project’s unique requirements. The right pickup trucks possess project-specific capabilities such as a towing feature, higher capacity, etc. Hence, choosing a pickup truck for a project is more like consolidating the tools required to make the project quicker and more straightforward.

The key features needed in a pickup rental include:

Loading Capacity

The most primary feature to look for in a pickup rental is its loading capacity. You’ll be looking for larger trucks if some extra muscle is required to cater to the project’s hauling needs. Flex Fleet Canada offers a variety of pickup rentals depending on your requirements. The 4×4 trucks come in capacities including ½ ton, ¾ ton, 1 ton, and 1½ ton. These pickup rentals offer not only varying degrees of loading capacity, but also differing levels of horsepower.

Companies that own a pickup truck often have to drag the same truck along for every project. Getting pickup rentals means that you’ll be able to use different pickup trucks that meet the capacity requirements of different projects. The high level of flexibility also allows you to increase or decrease the number of trucks in use.

Towing Capacity

The towing requirements of your project will determine the towing capacity needed in a pickup rental. Different pickup models are designed to handle different towing loads. Using a pickup truck that is not capable of serving the towing needs of a project can be disastrous for whatever is being pulled, as well as for the pickup. Your project’s success and the durability and safety of the vehicle can be adversely affected if the wrong pickup truck is chosen.

Hence, before you lock yourself in with a pickup rental, look into what the vehicle has to pull and match that load with the different vehicle options. A smarter approach is to talk to the pickup rental dealer to get expert advice. Share the details of your towing needs and get the right pickup rental.

4×4 Feature

4×4 pickups control the division of power delivery between the wheels and axles, sending equal power to all four wheels. The transfer case, a device present in the system, obtains power from the engine through the transmission and divides it between the front and rear axles. This allows for better maneuvering through tough and low-traction situations. In this way, a 4×4 truck rental offers tremendous toughness, ensuring maximum efficiency with carrying and towing heavy loads.

Therefore, when considering a pickup rental, you should always look for a 4×4 feature, which can be crucial for the success of any important project.

GPS Tracking

To manage the efficiency of projects, you’ll need to keep track of the exact locations of the pickups in use. Pickup rentals come with GPS tracking to help you know where your fleets are and what condition they are in.  As companies realize the benefits of these systems, GPS tracking is becoming more and more common. The data obtained through GPS tracking systems in real-time helps to maximize the efficiency of a project.

More specifically, GPS tracking helps in the coordination of assets, faster delivery, and better fleet management. Besides employee monitoring and keeping a check on stops, companies can use GPS tracking to plan more efficient routes and communicate them to drivers. They can also use GPS to analyze traffic patterns using maps and real-time updates. Using the crucial data obtained through GPS tracking, you may even be able to lower a vehicle’s fuel usage and improve its safety on the road.

Hence, be sure to choose a pickup rental that has this feature.

Comfortable Seats

With an excessive focus on the functional aspects of pickup rentals such as loading capacity, gas mileage, reliability, etc., companies fail to consider the level of comfort offered by pickup truck seats. Operating pickup trucks is a stressful job, and no matter how tough the job is, you need to keep your drivers motivated and happy. They should know that the company values them and takes care of their comfort.

Since every driver has a different comfort zone, make sure that the seats in a pickup are flexible and easily adjustable into various positions. Some elements of comfort are common for most individuals, such as an upright seat position that spreads the stress of the driver’s back into the seat cushion more evenly. Another common feature is the lumbar support, which can serve as a ‘sweet spot’ for drivers. It helps relieve back pain, but make sure that this feature is also adjustable.

Other comfort features include leg support, ventilated seats, massage seats, and heated seats. One great strategy to get the best truck is to get one of your drivers to take a long test drive to test the comfort that the seats provide.


To ensure safety, you may even consider pickup rentals with a Bluetooth feature that enables the drivers to have hands-free phone calls and music controls. While most companies wouldn’t give much thought to this feature, it can be crucial to the health of drivers as well as the safety of the vehicle.

Drivers often turn to music to manage the stress associated with operating pickup trucks. Drivers may even get a few phone calls during these long hours of driving. To avoid accidents and mishaps, drivers should be able to keep their eyes and focus on the road at all times. They should be able to control their music and take phone calls with minimum possible effort and attention. Hence, a Bluetooth feature in pickup trucks is an ideal way to cater to these needs.

Closing Thoughts

Your project and company requirements, as well as employee safety standards are critical elements that define your needs when getting a pickup rental. Thus, to ensure the success and safety of your next project, be sure to consider these features in the pickup rental you rent.