Extended Cabs

Because we provide truck rental services to a multitude of different industries, we made it a point to provide trucks and vans with drivers and passengers in mind. Industries like engineering, mining, construction, and pipeline are all industries that can have crew members of 50 to over 100… it just depends on the project but regardless of crew size, you can definitely count on Flex Fleet Canada to provide your crew with extended cab truck rentals.

When traveling from job site to job site, safety is the number one concern you have and it is also our number one concern as well. That’s why we only rent out trucks with extended cab seating and 12 passenger vans that allow crew  to not only travel in style but to also travel in comfort, with plenty of legroom.

All of our trucks, pickup trucks and flatbeds, have extended cabs that can seat up to six people per vehicle. That’s not only a massive truck but it’s also a truck that will get your crew to the various sites safely. All of our trucks have trucks have hitches for towing capabilities as well as heavy payloads to haul heavy-duty materials, tools, and supplies.

Did You Know?

Although we are a truck rental company, truck driving professionals have even spoken on the importance of truck interiors and they’ve stated that extended cabs are a real luxury to have. Well, at Flex Fleet Canada, we look at our customers as the most valuable luxuries to our company so with that being said, we treat them like luxury. That’s why we provide them with trucks that have extended cabs as a standard. We truly care about the need for comfort of our customers by only providing them vehicles with the drivers and passengers in mind.

No one enjoys riding in a half ton pickup with no leg room, especially with a truck full of co-workers. With our extended cabs, everyone will have plenty of room to stretch their legs for an enjoyable ride.