At Flex Fleet Canada, we know that your business has responsibilities and high demands. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect truck or van to meet the needs of your business. It’s because of those high demands and responsibilities your business faces that we offer cost-effective vehicle solutions to provide convenience and flexibility to our customers.
Our process to get you set up with an account and have you on your way to getting your project started isn’t a lengthy one. It’s simply a matter of processing your business credit check, a certificate of insurance, and obtaining a signed contract. The first step in this process is to get your fleet rental quote. Once you have your quote, we will work with you to get a full and clear understanding of how our fleet can support your business needs and find the vehicle solution (or solutions) that will fulfill your project needs.


Flex Fleet Canada has the resources and capabilities to create a rental program customizable to your project needs with flexible rental terms as well as convenient billing and payment options. With the flexibility and convenience we offer, our rental terms start at a minimum of four months. Most business projects, big or small, typically take at least four months from start to finish. In that time frame, you’ll see the economic benefit of renting for longer periods of time.
Along with the financial and economic benefits we offer our customers, we also provide our customers with unique perks as well. At Flex Fleet Canada, we provide these services to our customers, regardless of project size:

  • Customers are allowed to put removable business logos on our trucks
  • We work with customers to determine what is “damage” and what is “wear and tear” of the job
  • We deliver large orders
  • We allow customers to purchase our vehicles
  • Customers can drive in all of the lower 48 states
  • Customers receive our trucks in five to ten business days


Our team here at Flex Fleet Canada is here to help you get pricing on commercial fleet rentals to meet your business and project needs. We know the industry and we have product knowledge as well as equipment and vehicle knowledge that will ensure we not only meet your expectations but that we exceed them.
We understand that time is money and the sooner you can get your fleet of trucks, the sooner you can get your project underway. Let Flex Fleet be your rental partner. Get your truck rental quote today!